Friday, January 30, 2009

Policy Academy H-E-L-L!

Police Academy is kicking Robert’s ass. He took his first test this week, well, one spelling quiz and a test. He got an 82 on his spelling quiz….but didn't pass his first test. He talked with one of the instructors last night about hanging it up for now, and going back in August when they offer the night classes. It takes 2x as long….but it would give him 2x the TIME to learn the material. The academic part is kickin’ his ass. The days are soooo long. M-W-F he’s up at 4:15 to get out of the house by 5 to be at the school by 5:45 for PT and doesn't get home until 6 at the earliest. T and TH he’s up at 6am to be out the door by 7am to be at class by 8am….BUT he has to stay late and extra hour for “Spanish class” so he doesn’t LEAVE the college till a bit after 6 so he’s not home till 7. THEN he works on school stuff until about 10 or 11….so he’s getting to bed late and up early and it’s kickin his ass! I'm hoping that it all works out for the best. He's really enjoying what he's learning....but there is just SOOOO MUCH stuff the learn in such a short period of time. We will see, keep you posted.

Off to trim/shoe horses saturday...with a kick back and 'relax' day on sunday. If you can call doing housework and such 'relaxing'.

All critters are good at the moment. all have a good weekend and I'll be back here to blog monday...I HOPE! We know I'm not great at this whole blogging thing!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My boy is growin up

The handsome horse you see in the photo is my Skys Blue Boy 3yr old, well he will be 3 in April. I just got word from my trainer that he has been started under saddle this week! Sniff, Sniff, my baby is growing up. He is a very handsome fella, and we have big hopes for him in the show pen. His daddy is a 17.2 h World Champion..... I'd be VERY happy if he ended up 16.2 and would even get QUALIFIED for a world show competition!
Robert is doing well in school. The hours a long, but he is enjoying learning how to be a Peace Officer. It's a good thing too, beacause with all the stuff he has to learn he'd be hard to be around if he wasn't enjoying it!
Cold front came down last night. They are reporting ice storms around Dallas F/W area. Cold and rainy last night, cool today...50's I think. All these Texans are bundled up in puffy winter coats with scarfs and'm in my t-shirt and LOVIN it! :)
OH, I've forgotten to mention that one of our foster puppies (at least I think I forgot to mention)
got adopted to a nice family in Canada. He flew out Saturday AM and arrived in Prince Rupert, BC on Sunday AM. I've gotten a few reports since, and they are loving him and he is loving them. He is the sweetest pup, and wins over everyone he meets! So, good news there! 2 down, 2 to go!
Can't think of anything else at the moment.
4-H kiddos have two contests in March. One on the 6th and the other on the 9th being our district contest. Everyone cross fingers and say a prayer for the kiddos...they are trying so hard!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch up?

OK, let's catch up, shall we???
Friend and Fellow blogger's horse go sick Monday am. Told her it was his way of letting her know she should take MLK day off too, even thought it wasn't a work holiday at her place of employment. Thankfully can report that Mr. Pony Man is happy and healthy as of today! YEAH! :) Spent afternoon at ER w/hubby who has stomach virus that is going around, and was slightly dehydrated. They gave him a bag of fluids, and some fennergan (sp) to calm his stomach and sent us on our way. Happy to report as of today hubby is much better! :)

Tuesday...yuck..back to work and hubby's first day at "school". School being the Victoria College Police Academy. Crazy at our house in the morning. Me trying to run around and do our "normal routine" while Robert attempted to figure out his new routine. Most comical...if I'd had a camera it would have been an EASY 10 grand on AFHM. 4-H meeting in the afternoon was full of fun and games. Two of the kiddos who were fighting last week pretended to be fighting again this week and upset me, and one of the other club members. They arrived at the meeting, TOGETHER and fessed up that they were just trying to pull one over on backfired!

Wednesday....what can you say about Wednesday other than...YUCK.

Today. Not to shabby. Robert is starting to settle into a routine. His schedule isn't the same every that will no doubt take a while. He has a TON of studying to do when he gets home. the past 3 nights it's been 10:30 before we get to bed and I PREFER to be in bed by 9! HAH!

Out look for tomorrow....cloudy with a chance of meetballs! :) Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad Blogger

Well, it appears that I am a VERY bad blogger! First post was a while ago and I haven't ventured back on here since. BAD ME!

Things are kind of crazy at my place. My hubby has decided to go back to school (which I support) but the course he will be taking, starting on the 20th requires that he quit his job. SO, franticly trying to figure out how to make ends meet for the next 18 weeks while he does this!

Have a new addition at the house. Friends of ours bought a horse that is in VERY bad shape. Turns out the horse they bought is a horse I foaled out at my house a few years ago. My ex and I owned his sire, and dam. Now, he's a mess. Skin and bones. Back bone sticking up, his protruding, you can count EVERY rib. He's a mess. I hope to have him back to 'presentable" in about 6 months. They gain weight at such a slower rate than they loose it.

I think that's about all the news that's fit to print from this end!
Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm off Monday, so I wouldn't look for another post till ATLEAST Tuesday! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

My First Blog??

Well, in an attempt to keep in touch with friends/relatives....I'm going to make an attempt at BLOGGING. Let's see how long this lasts!