Monday, March 29, 2010

This is SOOOO CooL

Don't tell me your age; you'd probably lie anyway-but the Hershey Man will know!

This is pretty neat.DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST! It takes less than a minute ... Work this out as you read ... Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1760 .. If you haven't, add 1759..

6... Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number

The first digit of this was your original number (i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).

The next two numbers are.........

YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)


Please send good vibes!

Jen over at Hunter In Training is a BIT (exscuse the pun) under the weather! I'm sure she's love some good vibes being sent her direction!

Speedy Recovery, Jen.......Ransom's calling!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Her comment back to me

"I posted the link to the whole article – it’s there for people to read. I can’t republish the whole thing or I’d be infringing upon her copyright. I can only bring out quotes for the purpose of reviewing it which is what I did." - Direct from Fugly Blog -

She then added "And sometimes it is the tool. For example, would you say a cattle prod is OK to use on a horse in the right hands?"

My Reply -

OK, I understand about not being able to post the whole article for copyright reasons. BUT, when people DO read what you do post on here, they seem to have 'blinders' on and just go off on a rant without reading the entire article. Maybe if you post a bit of the rest of the article, without posting the WHOLE thing it could give people a better feel of the entire story, not just the blurb that sounds bad. I know, people should take time to read the WHOLE article, like I did. BUT, horse/animal welfare in general is a 'hot button' issue and sometimes people just jump the gun when they hear something bad. AND to ALL of the people that read FUGLY, PLEASE CLICK ON HER LINK TO THE ENTIRE STORY and process it before 'jumping the gun'

You could have come to my house last year and taken a photo of a horse who was in such bad shape that most of your followers here would have called me all sorts of bad names, called animal control and tried to get me arrested or something. HOWEVER, when people would have gotten THE WHOLE story, straight from the horses' mouth so to speak they would have learned that the horse was a horse that I was 'responsible' for bringing into this world, and felt that I had to help because I was the 'reason' he was in the shape he was in. Let me explain. I owned the momma and daddy, and when my ex and I split the foal was left with my ex. My ex then sold him to a friend, who sold him to a friend of his who starved him to NEAR DEATH and sold him to some people my DH and I know. Those people gave him to us because they didnt know what to do with him. It took almost a year to get him back in good looking condition. BUT, had a photo gotten out.....see how that could have been a mess?

You could drive by a dressage rider using a dressage whip correctly and whipped out your cell phone taken a video clip and posted it on youtube and said that the rider was beating her horse. People would jump all over her! It's crazy! Totally nuts.

AND yes, I believe you can use a cattle prod in a way that doesn't cause 'harm'. You don't HAVE to hit the button that causes the spark, do you? You don't HAVE To put a battery in it to make that electric shock possible! Use it as you would a 'carrot stick' or lunge whip....just an extension of your arm. You don't have to use the shock part of the 'tool'.

Wasn't saying YOU, Cathy have ever rope burned a horse using your 'trailer method', but, give that 'tool' to SOME PEOPLE and that horse would be in a world of hurt!!
It's all about HOW you use it, not WHAT you are using.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I can't help it.....this woman KILLS me! Check out HER post...... Check out the ENTIRE post she references a snippit of....and here is my post on FUGLY's BLOG.

- I see lots of people saying "that's too harsh" or "that's too mean". There are MANY 'tools' suggested here that can be JUST as mean. To me, it's NOT the tool itself, but how you use it.

You can take a Stud Chain and in the wrong hands it can leave perm. scars on a horses face, or better yet, my poor stallion (who is the sweetest on the planet) bumps on the bones in their faces that DO NOT go away.

A spur can be used the proper way, or it can be dug into the horses side until it's raw and bleeding. That goes for ENGLISH as well as WESTERN spurs.

A whip can be used in a mild manner, or it can be used to whip a horse into a bloody mess.

That BUTT ROPE suggested by FUGYL in a prior comment......ummm ROPE burn anyone? I wouldn't call that HUMANE either!

And let's NOT even get started on some of those bits out there!!! You can take the nicest bit, and make a horses mouth bloody and sore. OR, you can take a more harsh bit, and when ridden with soft hands and a good seat have little ill effect on your horse.

And for that matter, something with OUT a bit!!! A bosal! Ever seen a horses face bloody from it's misuse?

People, it's not so much the TOOL it's how it's USED.

I went to Julie's site and read the WHOLE article, not just the little snippit that was mentioned in this post.

She also says - Many people are initially turned off by this approach—I suppose thinking it is cruel or too harsh. But in my opinion, in certain circumstances, it is the most humane approach. I know of a horse who has now kicked and killed two horses by kicking them and breaking their legs. Then, take the case of a stall kicker—whose behavior can cause him serious injury and is destructive to property (and may result in him being evicted from a boarding barn). The most common training technique for this vice is to hang “kicking chains” on the horse’s hind legs which wrap him in the legs every time he kicks (and bumps his legs every time he moves). It will discourage him from kicking but you have to leave the chains on forever—not a very nice thing for the horse. Whereas one or two sessions with the shock collar would permanently cure him of stall kicking and prevent him from injury.

She's NOT telling the people to go out and buy a shock collar and shock the crap out of their horse. She's suggesting it as an 'end of the line' option if you will. Please, FUGLY, post the WHOLE story for people to read, not JUSt that part when taken by itself looks like she's telling them to go out and shock the crap out of their equine!

Day 3, PM

Arrived back at the RANCH and quickly changed into my 'ranch clothes' and ran outside, letting the dogs out with me.

I hauled butt (on the 4-wheeler) over to the goat pen to check on the goats.
There was a 'white mucus like substance' on the pygmy's backside. HUMMMMM? Are you thinking baby goat?? I am! Penned her up and fed her.....
GREAT! Another "kid" issue.
And, I was a bit bummed because they are H's babies, not mine and I know she wants to be there when they are born. O' Natural, or otherwise!

Went back to the house, talked to H. Told her update. She said 'don't be afraid to take her to the vet if need be'. I assured her I would, but was going to keep an eye on her for a bit first.

Called the vet, just to be on the safe side and give him a heads up.

Went about normal chores.....fed dogs, horses, and the rest of the goat.
Made dinner....
Went out about every hour to check on the goat till about 10:30.
She hadn't changed. Nothing else coming out the 'back end'. No laying down, no contractions.

I settled for a quick shower and hit the hay about 11:30ish.....
Still LOVE the bed...and the shower!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3, AM

What is this? The doggies let me sleep in till my alarm? HOW NICE! Thanks Maxie and Bella!

Very uneventful morning.
ALL the animals are fine.

Got some neat photos of the peacock again. He's gorgeous! His tail is about as long as I am tall....almost 6 feet! He's amazing to watch!

Really, nothing to report this morning. No goat drama, no Dusty drama. All is well at the Ranch!

I really don't know if I can leave this bed and shower! It's amazing!

2nd Day at Ka (razy) Ranch, PM

Pretty stressful day at work, was looking forward to getting back to the Ranch.

Called and checked on Starskey and the Kid mid morning and was told they were doing well :)

Maxie and Bella were HAPPY to see me to say the LEAST! They are not use to being home all day alone. They are use to people at the house! Maxie got her bone before I left, and I turned the TV to a radio station.

Bella and Maxie ran outside. I ran inside and changed out of my work clothes.
I hopped on the 4-Wheeler and took off to the barn. It's so nice at the ranch. I'll have to post some photos. It's big and open and 'fresh' if you know what I mean.
Fed the horses, birds, and goats. I checked the pygmy goat that was pregnant and ready to pop and all looked well, THANK GOODNESS! :)
Raced back to the house to feed the dogs. Bella was more than ready to eat after missing breakfast.
Went back out to the 'barn' and too my camera this time.....eager for some good photo ops. I hope to have some nice photos for H and her hubby when they get back from vacation.

I made something for dinner real quick, soup and sandwich. Munched on that while I watched some TV! They have a BIG Flat screen and satellite TV. Something we don't have at our house!
Yes, people you read that right. We don't have satellite, or cable. No local stuff either. If we watch TV, it's a movie. We are NOT HOME much, and if we are, we are outside or busy inside and turn the radio on.

By this time it was getting dark, and I had to go pen up the goat (Pygmy most prego) and close up the bird pen for the night.
Mission Accomplished! A good night! Better than the first nice! I went to bed EARLY just to sleep in the bed! It is sooooo comfy! I have to find out what type of bed it is because I do NOT need one! Otherwise, I'd be in bed all day!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd day at Ka (razy) Ranch, AM

Maxie and Bella woke me up at 5:45.....they wanted OUT!
Must be potty time. I happily obliged, I know they are big full grown adult dogs and shouldn't potty in the house, but when you've gotta go, you've gatto go!
Out they went.

About 10 mins later, after I'd used the facilities myself and stumbled around the house they were back at the door, ready to come in.
Took them to the back to feed them......Maxie woofed down her food....Bella on the other hand, not so much. She pushed her food around in the bowl, then pushed the bowl around. Not interested.......hummmmm what do I do about that? I figured I'd leave the food down for a while...even though that meant that Maxie might get double breakfast!

I made some coffee, the sky was JUST starting the get lighter on the horizon. Sunrise wasn't for another hour almost......goodness!
Sat in the living room, enjoying the big flat screen TV. The dogs were happy for some AWAKE company!
I'd walked to the kitchen to wash my coffee cup and the dogs started going crazy! They were standing at the front door barking their heads off!
OH lordy, I was thinking, what in the hell could be out there?
I cautiously walked to the door......
and what did I find?
DUSTY, the MINI had walked the cattle guard and was standing on the front porch.
CRUD! She wasn't supposed to be in there!!! The 'house' area is fenced off so the only critters that are supposed to be in there are the cats and dogs.
They is a huge circle drive, and 3 houses.
The main house, where H's mom lives......the 2nd house where H and her hubby live, and a 3rd guest type house. The driveway leading to the 'circle' is about a mile long, if not a bit longer.
That'll give you some idea.
They put metal grating over the cattle guard for the dogs to work over, and, DUSTY the mini figured out how to walk them. GREAT.
I throw my boots on, and out the door I go to try and figure out HOW to get her back in her 'area'.
I don't know the ranch well, yet. It's still pretty dark....about 7am now. I search the immediate fence line for a gate. No luck.
I run to the barn and grab a bucket with some grain. I can COAX her back across, yes?
Picture if you will ME trying to coax a BI*CH of a mini across a place she doesn't want to go. I make piles of food her for to follow.....nothing doing!
I get close enough to entice her and put the bucket in her face and try to coax her, keeping the bucket just in front of her. NO GO.
I squat down and hand feed her a bit, then scooch back a bit....feed her....scooch back. She's about 1/2 way across when she decides to BACK UP and haul butt!
By now, it's about 7:30 and it's light. I go on the hunt for a gate......found one to the right of the barn. Opened it, she followed me right in.
BI*CH! I don't like her, and she doesn't like me. See, Dusty is my husband's mini. She's at the ranch because H wanted a mini donkey baby. So, she turned Dusty out with her Jack, who's a bit on the small side anyway. So...she's big and prego now......yay! But, she's still a BI*CH! problem taken care of! Now, to feed the rest of the critters! I'm in HURRY mode because I SHOULD be leaving for work at 7:45!!!
Feed the MINI and Boo the Arab problem!
The 'birds' are another story! I'm NOT a fan of BIRDS.......especially Hissing Geese and BIG Tom the Turkey. Tom is sitting on the bucket I need to get to in order to get grain out for the birds! Shoo Tom, Shooo! Tom fluffs his feathers and glares at me. SHoooo tom, SHOOOOO! I nudge him with the end of my mag light! He hops of the barrel and struts outside. Whew!
I feed the birds, and quickly scrape the bird house.....shoveling the poop outside. Leave the big door open, but put the wire back so the horses don't get inside the pen.
Onto the goats!
AMBUSH! They all run to the gate as I go in their pen.
I let the very prego pygmy out, and dump feed in the bowls/buckets. They are happy!

I head to the 4-wheeler, and haul butt back to the house. it's 7:45 when I get back inside. I should be leaving!
I hurry to get cleaned up and dressed and rush out the door at 8am and get into my car that smells like goat!
What a morning!

First Night at the Ka (razy) Ranch

Got back from Port A a bit later than planned. Got there about 5 instead of 4 as I'd hoped.

DH and I went around and checked on Everyone.
Bella and Maxie - Boxer and Mastiff
Boo and Dusty - older Arab mare and mini
Chickens/Peacocks/Ducks/Turkey/ birds etc
Goats - Fainting and Pygmy

Everyone was fine.

Played with dogs for a bit and decided to go feed really quick before DH headed to our place to tend to our critters.
Dogs - what good dogs!

"Horses' - check......they are so well behaved
"BIRDS" - only get fed once a day...CHECK!

Goats -

Pygmy Goat

Fainting Goat

Oh my God. Goats EVERYWHERE! The attack you! Attack you when you try to feed. Them. now, the are SMALL goats ......Fainting and Pygmy.....See photos. So, they aren't knocking me DOWN.......but pointy hooves mid calf will make you step back a step or two.

SO....put down the food bowls....pour some food mixture into each....they start munching. OH, there are 2 spotted Donkey's too. They aren't tame...pretty skittish, really.

One goat (Fainting Goat) will not come out from behind the 'pen' that was built for having the babies. Most of the female goats are in-kid. (LOL - horses are in-foal....goats are in-kid).

Moving right along.....I stare at said goat behind pen......looks kinda.....worried maybe? If a goat can look worried that is!!

Finally, goat turns around and shows me....

Nasty, jelly like almost clear with a slight tint of yellow/green (hard to tell, it was almost 100% clear) 'string' hanging from her backside.

DANG IT!! H (ranch owner) isn't going to be here for this. She REALLY wanted babies on the ground before she left, and now this goat (Starsky, I believe) is going to have this baby the DAY she leaves. BUMMER.

Starsky isn't 100% tame. Are goats EVER really tame? Who knows!

SO....we 'corner her'. DH takes a heavy metal rake (the one with a solid end, not the flimsy end) and kind of 'holds her' (gently) in the corner so I can go in and grab her.

I put her in her 'baby cave'. Give her some hay, and some 'bedding' and fresh water and re-hung the water bucket up off the ground a bit so the KID doesn't decide to go for a swim.

NO pushing, no contractions that I could see, YET. So, Starsky is under the heat lamps to 'chill' LOL and relax. We hang out and watch a bit......slight contraction, with a bit of pushing, about 5 mins apart..... ok, cool.

DH needs to go, so our critters aren't holding their legs crossed to avoid making messes.

Couldn't find the "MULE", 4 wheel variety that I jump on the 4-wheeler under the shed.

DH assists in getting it started, and I'm headed to the house!

Drive back in about an hour (7ish) and check......more pushing, much more strenuous pushing, heavier contractions, more contractions, about less than 4 mins apart.......

The sun is setting......I'm sure we'll have a baby by dark!
Drive back to the house.
Drive back to the barn about 8ish....
Much more pushing.....stressed out goat.....heavier contractions.....YIKES!
The vet's name and number is posted on the side of the feed can......

Now....let me backtrack a cell phone battery SUCKS! I mean, SUCKS! I can be on it for less than a 2 minute phone call and it will turn off.
LUCKILY, when H put up the heat lamps, she also put in a couple extra plug in ends! YEEHAW! I'd taken my cell charger out there, as I'd noticed the plug ins the first time I was out there :) Observant, huh? :)

SO....plug IN the phone before I call.
I start to DIAL and DH calls. WHAT!
"Whatcha need?"
"Hows the goat" - DH
"Not so good....she's feet or nose yet....I'm calling the vet" - Me
"ok, I just talked to H and " - DH
Interrupt "Why did you call H? She's on VACATION! Once I knew something I was going to call her and let her know. No need to WORRY her!" - ME
"I know, but I wanted to let her know all was well and that she should have a baby tonight. She said to call her sister and her sister can have one of the vets call, she's very good friends with one of them." - DH
"I'm calling the vet who's information H left for me....I'll call you back, bye" - Me
Dial vet number......
"Hi, _________ answering service can I help you"
"Hi, this is _______________________ I'm calling on H's fainting goat. She's been in active labor for a while and I don't know much about goats...can you have Dr.W call me please?"
Dr.W called me back.
I relayed the information on the goat to him.

He said "ok, is sounds like she's having trouble and we need to see her. She may need a C-Section. Can you bring her in?"
A GOAT, bring her in? WHAT? NO WAY! I don't have the truck! I have my car! No room for a Goat. Well, ok, it's a hatchback. there is room....and we have carpet down in the back....ok...
"OK, I'm not 100% sure what H wants to do, let me call her QUICKLY and I'll call you right back"
Called H, got the ok to do WHATEVER needed...ok!
Called answering service back...... Tell Dr. W I'm going to bring in the goat. I will call when she's loaded and on my way.

HOW in the HECK to I get the goat from it's PEN to my Car?
It rained, so I can't drive my CAR through the pasture. If I had out 4x4 truck....SURE. But not the Mazda!!
OK, think.....think.....
It's a good...couple 100 yards from the goat pen to the closest place I can get the car in.....
H suggested a dog kennel that's in the barn.....
I checked it....too bit to fit in the back of my car....drat!
ok.....don't wanna pick her up and squish that baby in there.....
SO....right or wrong...the 'best' option I could see was to walk/pull/drag her to the car.

Haul butt on the 4-wheeler to the house.....park.....turn off....get the car!!
Haul butt in the car to the fence. park. throw open the to the goat pen.....
grab the goat..... bleating.....pull the goat (fainting goats faint...their legs lock up and they fall over). So, when she gets 'scared' her legs 'lock up'.

Just picture me.......pulling a small but very pregnant goat with unmoving legs a couple hundred yards, through 2 gates.

Then comes the task of GETTING her in the CAR! what?? Grabbed goat around the middle, behind both front legs and kinda swung the hind end up into the back of my car.
QUICK, slam the door before she runs away!
Hop in the cautiously but quickly down drive way......
STUPID automatic gate opener! Soooo slow.......dang it.....HURRY! Pull through, button, nada, press button, nada, press button, success! Gate closing! Wait till almost closed and take of. Called Vet's answering service on way out....letting them know I was on the way/
Now, the 'end' of the driveway is on a steep take off had to be slow and careful.
Once out on the highway however......look out!! I was NOT about to lose a goat! I was about 20 miles from the vets office....I left the Ranch at 8:30.....pulled INTO the parking lot at 8:45. There are many stops, turns, and twists between the Ranch and the Clinic..... :) Thank goodness the route was trooper/sheriff free!! I'm sure I looked very much like Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians while she was driving away!!

I kept looking back and as long as I could see horns....I knew she was still alive! :)

Dr. W met me at the door, and we walked to the back of the car.....he picked up the goat and set her down quickly, she wouldn't comply, so he picked her up and carried her to the exam room. I met vet number 2! So, I got 2 vets! Not a vet and an assistant...both vets were there waiting on Starsky.
Dr. W donned his exam gloves and went "hunting". Found feet, yay! Found nose...yay! All seemed well....but that was a BIG head on that kid, he said.
About 15 mins or so ( I wasn't looking at my watch) of trying to help her have it the natural way, with the other DR and myself keeping her on the table...and he said, I don't think this going happen naturally, H is ok with us doing a C-Section??

A C-SECTION? A C-Section on a goat? GET OUT!
"YES", I informed him, "she said do what ever you needed".
OK, then let me get somethings ready and we'll do that.

I stayed with Starskey while the Dr's got thing ready.

Dr. W came back in, and said everything was ready and I was welcome to come back and watch. AWESOME! One, it just sounded SOOOO neat, and 2...I had to make sure H's goats were ok!
Dr. W laid Starskey on an angled table.....2 pieces of metal table angled at about 90 degrees. it was like 'stuffing her into a taco shell' if you will.
He gave her a sedative.......and went to shaving her belly.
they put a cone on her face, which would provide 'meds' to keep her 'under' during the surgery. HOLLY COW! This was a better set up than some PEOPLE hospitals!
He then injected some lidocaine under the skin in a line from mid belly to just before her udders.
AND THEN......he draped a 'sheet' over her with a square cut out of it. The 'square' went over the area where he was to make the cut. Just like you see them do in the Dr. shows on tv! It was neat!

He made a cut in the first layer of skin....first layer? How many are there? This was the layer the hair was attached to....
Then he cut through the 2nd layer......much thinner layer
AND THEN......the 3rd fatty layer......and he was in!
He felt around a bit.....made an incision in her uterus....and pulled out a black ball of ears and hair! What a cutie! SHE had 'salt and pepper' colored ears, and muzzle, a white 'star' on her forehead, and a white marking on her right leg.....i believe, other than that, she's black.

Dr. W than went about the difficult task of putting all the 'placenta and stuff' back inside the uterus while Dr. B went about taking care of the new KID in town!
WHY, i asked?
I was told that you put the placenta and such back inside the uterus so she could pass the 'after birth' naturally. As much as we've messed with her already it's best to let the rest happen as naturally as possible.
WOW, learn something new every day.

Dr. B kept a good eye on the kid, and assisted Dr. W too! Tag team effort!

There were some other 'things' that should be on the INSIDE of her body that were on the OUTSIDE of her body..... I asked...... "and everything else will just go back where it should?" as they moved her from laying on her side, to straight up in the air on her back.
Dr. W said 'YES'. He said amazingly, a goats body will just put itself back to where things should be.
I said "that's amazing. I've had much more experience with horses, and know that if you don't put things back together just are in trouble".
Both vets were in agreement....horses are much more difficult than other animals.

Dr. W Sewed up the uterus......and the skin layers......cleaned up the incision area....and put momma goat down on a towel, while Dr. B grabbed the baby and laid her down next to her. Both of them were VERY groggy from the sedative.
I noticed how 'mellow' the kid was while Dr. W was finishing putting momma back together. Dr. B told me that it was from the sedative. She got some of what went into the mamma's body. WOW, I hadn't even THOUGHT of that! Amazing!!

"Nothing like the first conversation between momma and baby being a drunken one!"

What an evening! Momma and baby were put in the back, in a pen. Dr W. gave them some shots....assured me all was well...and I was out the door.

It's now 11pm.
WOW. What a night!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ranch Sitting

It's pretty bad when you have to go take care of another person's stuff to get a "Vacation", right??

A few months back a very good friend of ours asked us about Ranch Sitting for them while they take a short Vacation of their own. They don't get to do that often, as they have a big place, full of Critters. It's hard to get someone knowledgeable to watch your critters for a couple days. So, of course, I said I would. DH has to stay home and watch our critters. I mean, they have to be taken care of too!

My "Vacation" Starts Sunday afternoon around 4. After we get back in town from trimming horses in Port A.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chewie Feets

ok....came home to an owie Chewie last night, again.

after careful digging by the Farrier (who happens to be my DH) we found.......drum roll please...... I mean it, drum rolllllllll please...... Co-operate people! DRUM ROLLLLLLL..... (ah, much better) abscess.
Yes, abscess. Chewie, abscess? NEVER! More like always on that darn Right Front!

on the plus side, his heels are spreading some....bonus!

After talking with fellow blogger/farrier Friend we are thinking deep tissue thrush.....treatment..... penicillin packed cotton balls in frog/abscess area and 1 roll vet wrap and 1/2 roll duck tape. Well, 1/4 roll duck tape maybe!!!

After popping the abscess.....lots of licking and chewing. He always does it abscess, or Chiro, or a release during a ride....he's a champ!

Set down foot and........immediately takes weight off left front and gives it a break. Houston we FOUND the problem!

Will keep you posted on hoof re-hab!

Friday Fill Ins

1. Today I will be BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!

2. She's not sure about jumping tomorrow, and I say why not?

3. What do you think of being an OPEN SHOW RIBBON stealer??

4. At that donut shop down on the it's free Pastry Day til 1030 Friday!

5. People say that what we're all seeking is a little bitty piece of the pie!

6. The image I cherish most is one of my friend Megan I took of her and her horse, Opie and her Reserve Championship Ribbon, and another I can't find and Jen and Megan walking away from me at a show which I WILL FIND!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to helping a friend, tomorrow my plans include horse show and Sunday, I want to get done in Port A so I can start my 'mini vacation'!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday night w/ Skelly!

Skeletor had, somehow, gotten free from his halter.
We'd been leaving a halter on his head as he's not been the easiest to catch as he didn't REMEMBER anything from when he was little!

My 4-H meeting got canceled due to equipment not working at the extension home I went.

He got it off a couple days ago, but with it getting PITCH black by the time I get home I hadn't had a chance to work his little butt and catch him!
I knew it was going to be a 'fight'. I mean, I knew Skelly was going to have work quite a bit before he came into me. It had been a while (damn weather) since he'd been worked.

Changed clothes.......and away to the round pen I went. New halter in hand.
Something at our neighbor's was making him run he'd already had a warm up by the time I got there!
One lap......two lap......step away from him.... what a good boy he turned to the inside.....
Switch Directions...
One lap.....two lap.....step away...turned to the inside..... GOOD BOY!
Switch direction......
Switch direction.....
step away......
Skelly stopped.
I walked to him......he stood still while I approached...licking and chewing...
Halter on and good to go!

Spent the next 5 or 10 mins doing some desensitizing.
Swung end of rope around and around...... in front of him....right side...left side.....lather, rinse, repeat about 4 times......
ended on a good note!
Good boy!
Halter came back off.....
He won't be wearing one 24/7 anymore.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Fugly goes too far, AGAIN

Alright people. I'm all for being opinionated! I'm very opinionated myself! But, I don't go dragging people names and reputations through the MUD before knowing the whole story. AND, I dang sure wouldn't be complaining about something I could have put a STOP to and DIDN'T!

Check out Fugly's Blog post here.....Scroll down to 2nd March 15th post titled Are you illiterate, or just asshats? What are YOUR thoughts?
Fuly blog just became un-suspended. Was suspended all day. Links to posts and comments don't work, just main blog page.....hummm....

Jen went to the trouble of email trainer bashed in this post. She posted on her blog, and shared exchange between her and trainer with me.

Some of you may or may not know that FUGLY has a spot in Horse Illustrated (BOOOOO!) Here is the letter I wrote today to Horse Illustrated. I will blog about any reply from Horse Illustrated.

Dear Horse Illustrated,

I am writing to inform you about the recent activity of one of your contributors. You may already be aware of the situation, but I feel it my ‘duty’ if you will to bring the situation to your attention. You should know what kind of people you have writing for your magazine.

I have a blog. Feel free to check it out at One of your new contributors also has a blog, the “Fugly Horse of the Day” blog . It can be found here The subject of this blog is “Snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses, silly or abusive training techniques, and pretty much anything else that annoys me!” That is taken direct from the cached view of the blog on Google. Why am I quoting the cached version? Because the real time version is suspended. Yes, suspended.
Yesterday while searching the blog world I came across a post on “Fugly” titled “Are you illiterate, or just asshats?” In this post “Fugly” ranted and raved about a “a girl entering the ring that I myself had just seen win classes at the last show just a few weeks ago, a girl on a beautiful Appaloosa who was clearly broke to death and then some, sideways lope, wringing tail and all.” “Fugly” flat out accuses said rider and trainer of “taking a chance for a ribbon away from the kids in nylon bridles, the genuinely green horses and the adult riders who were in there for the very first time.” She continues to rant and rave about the horse, rider and trainer and then her “followers” get in on the ranting and raving as well. I will enclose the original post, but I’m unable to print out the comments due to the blog being suspended.

I am the first to admit that I have an opinion and I do voice it. However, I believe that there are some legal issues at hand here, defamation of character perhaps? Dragging numerous persons’ names and reputations through the mud without getting the whole story first? She starts out her rant without ever speaking to the rider or the trainer. Her “followers” start emailing the trainer from fake email addresses and harassing her. A good friend of mine took it upon herself to get the real story. She sent and email from her working email address and had quite a nice exchange with the trainer. What your “Fugly” failed to find out was that, according to the trainer, the exhibitor had permission from the show staff to exhibition the show for practice. Did she fail to use proper show etiquette and flip her number upside down, yes she did.
Had “Fugly” bothered to bring this problem to the attention of the staff before she went on a rant on her blog maybe she would have actually helped those “kids in nylon bridles, the genuinely green horses and the adult riders who were in there for the very first time” that she claimed this rider was hindering, and pointed out to the rider/trainer/show manager that the exhibitor should have her number turned upside down.

This is not the first incident with “Fugly”. A while back she again posted some misinformed information on her blog, got people up in arms and ranting and raving to a horse owner who was down on her luck. Said owner had made arrangements for someone to pick up the horses, but by the time said person could get there so many “Fugly Followers” had called and harassed her that she wouldn't hand over the poor horses because she thought the person picking them up was one of them! So, a handful of horses went un-helped because “Fugly” posts incorrect information on her blog because she acts before she thinks.

I hope that you will take into consideration the kind of people you put on your magazine staff. I also hope that you will check into them, how they act and what they do because that is a direct representation of your magazine.

Bitless Horse

Check out the contest going on at the Bitless Horse!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wordless MONDAY

Anyone know who this is????

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Friday, March 12, 2010

FRiday Fill Ins

1. I am so looking forward to District Horse Judging April 10th!

2. If I don't do it now, it will still be there to do later.

3. When you get out of the car don't slam the door.

4. Volunteering with 4-H is a big part of my life.

5. If you need anything you know where to find me.

6. If it didn't' cost so dang much, I'd love to go on a trip.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to not having to rush home after 4-h meeting cuz DH will be home a bit after 5 to let the dogs out and feed, tomorrow my plans include helping out with HAPPY TAILS adoptions at Pet Smart in Victoria (stop by if you are in the area) and Sunday, I want to enjoy a good lunch with friends!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For EVERYONE out there

Who's having a bit of a rough time of things....for WHATEVER reason! Take this, put it on your blog....and look at it when you NEED IT!

Helmet Head

Working with Kiddos.....I've seen some crazy things. I can't stress Helmets enough. I wish trainers and equine professionals would set a great example and wear them!!!

Check out this 'article' at a Pro's website.....kinda of a 'call to action' if you will.

Heather Blitz Dressage

It's Finally Up

The marker for Megan's grave has been put in.....

Contest Giveaway

OK people....i KNOW you all LOVE getting FREE stuff, I sure do!
Take minute and read my post below, and make a guess! I'm going to leave it going for a while as only ONE person has guessed!!

Closest guess with OUT going over wins!

Sorry Jen, no guessing since you already know the answer! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a quick note~

Spent the day with my kiddos (Victoria Co Horse Judging Team) at the HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO horse judging Contest.......

One of my kiddos placed VERY WELL!!! There were 143 kiddos there.....anyone wanna guess what she placed? I'll post the answer around 9am Tuesday!
Start guessing!

I'll find something cool to send the winner....if anyone guesses correctly!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. Why are you making this so difficult, huh?

2. I want you to take time to stop and smell the....mud puddles.

3. If we do it they way I think is best, then it will be on my terms.

4. I'm not the type to sit back and see what happens.

5. I could use a MILLION DOLLARS, my friend J would have a new barn and covered arena, I'd move to SAN MARCOS and build my trainer the facility of her dreams, but an out of this world horse and we'd travel the US together going to shows!!

6. You make a plan and then you stick to it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to it being light just a bit longer, tomorrow my plans include checking in on a friend we haven't seen in a while and Sunday, I want to relax, but i have to work!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Should you Really be RIDING....

If you feel the need for this!!!
OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup Irons and Slip On Boots/Magnetic Soles

I LOVE getting catalogs in the mail, LOVE IT! I can't afford most of the stuff in them, but ever since I was little I've thoroughly enjoyed thumbing through the glossy, colorful pages of the catalogs, picking out all the stuff I'd buy if I could. I sometimes find items I don't agree with....but this 'invention' has set the bar very high for finding something I disagree with more!

Now, I have REALLY, REALLY, REALLY seen it all! What the heck?
What happened to having to have BALANCE and a steady leg to ride?
Now the jumper people are turning to 'aids' like the barrel racers and their Velcro 'em in the saddle stuff.
What the heck?

and the price? YIKES!
For those that think going out and spending almost $500 on this 'system' is going to make you a better rider....I'd suggest you invest in a well broke horse, a good fitting saddle, and some professional lessons and REALLY LEARN TO RIDE!!

Magnetic force is ONLY so STRONG....
Good seat/legs/hands/balance will last a lot longer!

Anyone else have a take on this?

Monday, March 1, 2010

When it rAiNs....

It POURS! One of the most accurate statements, I swear!
We did NOT need the inches that fell last night...DID NOT. I know we had a drought over the summer, but we did not need to make up for it ALL this winter.

That said, not much happened this weekend.
Lemme rephrase...we had a VERY busy weekend, but nothing blog-worthy!

Skeletor continues to amaze me every day with his intelligence. He's coming so far! :)

Hope for more interesting updates this week...but as for now...this is it!

I think JEN has some stuff going on at her blog...check it out! :)