Monday, March 14, 2011


When your husband calls you at work at 11:30 AM and says "Happy Anniversary, Dear" and you go "OH Crap, I Forgot" you know you are in trouble!
Yes folks, I forgot our Anniversary. Busted, I did it. ME who is normally REALLY good with dates and remembering things. ME!
In my defense, I have so much going on right now it's crazy. This year has been total chaos. Also, it's been wacko at the office today. Both my co-workers were late so I was flying solo this am at the Funny Farm. And, well, after all, I am ONLY human!
Contrary to popular belief I can't remember EVERYTHING!

SO......I wonder how the rest of the day is going to go?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March already?

Where in the heck does the time go?
I mean, just yesterday it was New we are in March.

This have been more downhill than up this year, I'm afraid. 3 people I was very close to have passed away already......1 in January, 2 in February.
My grandpa in law in January, and February it was my great grandmother, and then my step dad.

I've not known grandpa in law long, almost 4 years.....but I did know him long enough to know what a sweet, kind hearted man he was. He would tell you the same stories over and over again, every time he saw you. He always asked me about the 2 pennies he'd given me..... "you still got that money I gave ya" he'd ask, every time he came by the office or I talked to him on the phone.

My great-grandma and I weren't real's hard to be close to someone when you live almost 2 THOUSAND miles away. BUT, my dh and I did get to see her when we went to NY for Thanksgiving. I'm so glad I did. She was bright, and alert....still living by herself at.....96 ( I think). She lived in an apartment complex for seniors. It was all self care, there was no one there taking care of her day in and day out. I'm so happy she could go that way......the alternative seems not so good.

My step dad. Oh boy, he was a character. He and my mom were not married too long.....7 years this year I think... (I'm bad with dates ) He had a great sense of humor, and fought cancer many times before it finally won in February. The Dr's have given him 30 days....he didn't even make it a week. My mom was devastated....still is. Just a month before that they had to put down their old dog, Max. Max was a Dalmatian/beagle mix. He was toooo cute for words. He had big beagle ears, but was about the size of a Dalmatian with small Dalmatian spots. I'm glad we got to meet Max too, when we went home for Thanksgiving. So now mom finds herself with out her canine companion, and without her partner.
I know it won't fix things.......only time will heal those wounds. BUT, on Saturday we are sending her a puppy. Yep, a puppy. She was talking about getting a puppy from a friend of hers, but wasn't really sure the breed was right for her. I mentioned that we had some lab puppies in the pound down here. She asked for pictures.....and then she fell in love with a chocolate lab mix with white markings on her chest and hind toes. Hershey is a pretty big puppy, and she is ALLLL PUPPY. She's been at our house since last week. We are trying to teach her some manners before she goes home to be mom's best friend. I told her the other day that she had a really big job to do when she got there. I told her she had to look after mom, and protect her, and keep her busy too. That's a tough job, but someones gotta do it. I think Hershey can handle it. She will love mom, and mom already loves her........

So....what will March bring? I'm hoping it brings better, happier things than January and February. If you are the praying kind, say a prayer from Mom and Hershey....that Hershey makes the journey well Saturday, and that the ache in Mom's heart will be eased by her new friend.

Hope all of you out there in blogger land are well......let's turn 2011 around, ok?