Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haven't blogged in....a while!!

I know....this isn't supposed to be a food blog, but I'm thinking a post about food and healthy eating is better than no post at all, right?

Lots of changes going on in my world lately, and I figured I was a great time to get more serious about eating better! So, my mission this week has been to make better food choices and stick with it!! 

Sunday I can't really remember what I ate, real memorable meals I guess!
Monday morning I got off work with a craving for an egg white omelet with lots of fresh veggies! So, I stopped by the store and stocked up on egg whites, bell pepper, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes and a few other veggies. Came home and made the yummiest omelet before going to bed. And before going to bed I put a roast in the crockpot with homemade taco seasoning rub and salsa. Let it cook on low all day and had Mexican pulled beef for dinner. You could eat it as a sandwich, wrap, or taco. I chose to eat it without the bread. Yumm! 
Yesterday am I got up an made another yummy omelet! Those things are addicting! I did 'cheat' a bit and add some shredded cheese and salsa. 
Lunch time came and while I wasn't super hungry I knew I needed to eat something before I took my nap. I made a plate of fresh veggies and some ranch dressing, some grapes and a slice of cheese. 
Not having much time for dinner before rushing off to work I warmed up some leftover Mexican beef and ate that over some whole wheat rice and veggies! 
Got off work this am and fed my motley crew and went straight to bed, did not pass go, did not collect $200 nor eat breakfast.
While at work last night I was fantasizing about Turkey-meatballs, whole wheat pasta and red sauce!! Sounded so good I could taste it!! So, when I woke up this afternoon that's what I made. Now, the point of this whole post was to share the yummy Turkey-meatball recipe. It's soooooo good and much healthier than meat-meatballs!  Enjoy! 

Jenn's Turkey-meatballs

Preheat oven to 375 and cover baking sheet with foil 

1lb ground turkey
2-3 dashes ground pepper
6-7 dashes Mrs. Dash garlic/herb seasoning
4-6 dashes oregano 
4-6 dashes basil
2-3 dashes onion powder
3-4 shakes Italian breadcrumbs 
1/2 C egg whites

Mix all ingredients and roll into balls, the size is up to you, the bigger you make them the longer the will need to cook.
Place on baking sheet equal distance apart and shake a bit of breadcrumbs over the top before sliding the sheet into the oven.
I baked on 375 for about 30 minutes. Yummmmmy!! 

I pulled the meatballs out of the oven and placed into a pot with my red sauce in it....keeping everything warm until my hubby gets home.  Then I'll boil some whole wheat pasta and serve the red sauce and meatballs over that! 

Love my measuring? Yeah, I don't measure so much in teaspoons, tablespoons or cups!  

If you use another form is mrs. Dash I would add some garlic powder, I didn't in this case because my mrs. Dash already had it in there.

Let me know if you try this, and your thoughts!