Thursday, November 8, 2012

If you have inside 4 leggeds.......

You MUST, I repeat MUST have this!!  Oh my goodness! I used this handy dandy little thingamabob last night and let me tell you.....this is one product I will NOT be without!  Please, Pledge, NEVER stop making this magical mini hair picking up machine!

Let me give you a little background on my 4 legged crew. Then you will truly be able to understand my excitement about this gadget!

My hubby and I have 9 dogs. Out of those 9 dogs only 2 are outside. Out of the 7 that are inside, two have free range of the house 24/7. The others are a bit less trustworthy and are kenneled when we are gone.
The two that are loose 24/7 are the hairiest hair-bags to walk this planet! Cousin IT doesn't have anything on these two boys!
 Tucker is a 9 year old yellow lab. In true yellow lab fashion is is a shedding monster! And, he's a WHITE yellow, so his hair shows up on most of the things in our home because they are dark!
Peetie is a senior mutt from the pound. We are thinking he's lab/rottie/German Shepard (maybe) mix. He is dark in color and while he doesn't shed as much as the monster, he still does his fair share.

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a neat freak. Let me repeat, I am NOT a neat freak. Neither is hubby. Our level of 'clean' at home would outrage some folks, but is far from nasty, unsanitary or unlivable. I vacuum, sweep, mop, keep the dishes done.....but I hate to dust! And, with a house full of critters that's BAD!
Anyway, onto the Magic Gadget!
Changed the sheets and comforter on the bed this am. I must admit that this was due to the current comforter being COVERED in TuckerHair. I mean, the comforter was gray but it looked like salt and pepper, with MUCH more salt than pepper if you get my drift.
ONE morning (hubby and I are working nights) of sleeping in it (side note, Tucker and Peetie sleep with us) and the deep burgundy comforter looked like you'd left it outside during a blizzard!! I mean, hair everywhere! I was beside myself! The new comforter looked like the old one that had been on the bed a week! What was I going to do?
Hubby suggested taking an old sheet and covering the comforter with it. This was a suggestion made to keep it clean during the day, while we aren't there, because it's the doggies favorite place to lounge the day away till mommy and daddy come home. The suggestion was tops! Great idea Hubby! Now, how to get it CLEAN enough to cover with a sheet......
hummmm.....vacuum? No...sweep? No......take it outside and beat the tar, i mean HAIR off of it? No.....I know! What about one of those rollers that has the sticky stuff on the outside that you use to clean off your clothes and such? GREAT IDEA!
I rush to the kitchen, grab the rollie thing, go back to the bedroom and commence de-hairing the comforter.
No. Such. Luck! With every swipe i lift off a few hairs, then I have to tear the sheet off and start again. I mean, one could use a whole rollie thing in one sitting at this rate!
hummmmm, wait....many,  many moons ago, didn't I buy a nifty little contraption that is supposed to get hair off things?? Where did I put that thing anyway?  Maybe.....maybe in the place that all things get put till I use them...under the kitchen sink!
Viola! There it is! Yay!
I was in love at first swipe! This handy dandy doubler roller hair picker upper works like a charm! Run it back and forth over your clothes, furniture, or in my case comforter and within 60 seconds it was Tucker hair free!  Woooohoooo! 
Seriously folks, you really, really, really need to get one of these things, if you have indoor pets! Your life will never be the same! I promise!