Thursday, March 26, 2009

Horse Show Weekend

One of my 4-H kiddos is going to her first horse show Saturday, as I mentioned before.
You could say I'm a NERVOUS wreck! Kinda like a mom would be I think if it were here child. The kiddo in questions has parents who could give a ratts-butt less about her, and that's sad. Robert and I have kind of 'taken her in' so to speak, and have given her many opportunities that she would not have had otherwise. So, this 'momma bird' is nervous for the 'baby bird' to go on her first big adventure! I'm hoping that she does well, her horse behaves, and they at least bring home one ribbon, I don't care what color!
Got a call from a friend last night who is also going, offering her second horse as a mount for me should I decide I want to show. She also informed me that her trainer will be taking her 2 year old colt that has been under saddle about 30 days. She also mentioned that one of the big fancy schmancy trainers she rides with down in Corpus is going to be bringing a 13 and under kiddo to get her some practice as she's just started showing. Should be an interesting weekend! Will Blog all about it later, PROMISE. (I'm just not going to say WHEN that might be because we know I'm not good at this!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lets get everyone caught up, huh?

Sorry folks. I'm only going to say this once...I'm a BAD, Bad blogger. It's official, no doubt about it.

Lots going on here since mid FEBRUARY as it's now the end of March!
Robert didn't make it to his he'll go back and try again in August.
Surviving these hard times thanks to his grandparents! :) Thanks Grannie and Papaw!

the horses are doing well.
As of this weekend the big gray monster in my photo had his 4Th ride. He doesn't know squat but he's calmed down a bunch. Stands perfectly still for Justin to tack him up and SLOWLY walks to the round pen. He is a pretty nice mover, however he's carrying his head up in the clouds with the giraffe. I'm praying with time and conditioning this will change. I"m very pleased with the fact that Justin is going SLOW and taking his time. We are in NO hurry for Harley to be doing much, so I'd prefer that he take his time and go slow so we have a VERY solid horse when we are done. No holes in my Harley Monster!

I started going to Pet Smart for their canine training classes. I'm taking my houla Christmas Present, Cheyenne. I went for the first class 3 Sundays ago to find out that NO ONE else signed up for the class I had. So, I took a rein check (LOL) and started AGAIN this past Monday the 23rd at 7:30pm. The instructor seems OK, she did help me a lot with the walking on the leash problem my Houla and I have. She wouldn't walk next to me. Vanessa pointed out that she's a 'go' dog, and to pick up my pace....worked AMAZINGLY! SO, once she's good at that we'll work on slowing down. Everyone was amazed at how Cheyenne paid attention to EVERYTHING! Being in a class with a black lab and a yellow lab cross, it's obvious to know why her 'houla-ness was the 'star' of the show. They are just AMAZING animals as we all know.

One of my 4-H kiddos is going to her first horse show this everyone cross their fingers! She's been working with this horse for a little over 3 weeks now, so I'm pretty sure Halter and Showmanship will not be a problem. Holding off on riding decision till the day of the show...they haven't had much riding practice as the horse she's messing with came to us with some soundness issues. So, we will see what they day brings. So, everyone say a prayer and we will hope she has a good time! :)

Stayed up VERY late last Friday, the 20Th to be one of the first in line to get the NEW RELEASE of the TWILIGHT DVD. YES, my friends, I'm obsessed with Twilight. I took my nieces to see the movie in December in theater and I was hooked! I went out and bought the book, and then I went and bought the other 3 and read them all in about 2 weeks! So, after getting home Saturday morning at 3am, I watched the DVD on the way to San Marcos to visit Harley! I know, I'm crazy!

Well, if that doesn't get you all caught up, I don't know what will! :) Good times!