Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What breed of horse are you? Find out!

And then, there was one....

One horse left in training at Nelson Training Center that is.

Taking into account that we are FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR did I mention FAR from rich we brought Harley ( Luken For Blue Skies) home over the weekend. After an Owner/Trainer (most people have Parent/Teacher conferences) conference we decided that Cas has the most potential at the moment as far as future showing and income from standing him at stud goes. So, that's where we are going to put the limited funds we do have....into Cas.
Got to see the big man for a bit. He was tied along the side of the arena, another horse about 20 or 25 feet away, also tied.....getting used to being a 'good horse' again. He had acquired a few bad habits.....so he needed a reality check!
Mary said that Harley undid his halter last week, got "loose" (area is fenced and gated) and went over to visit Cas. She was sure the fight would be on, and she'd have to call me, her 'client' and explain that your one horse beat the snot out of your other horse. Cas, however, was a true gentleman and stood there, nose to nose with Harley and didn't make one wrong move. Very proud of Cas!
So, giving Cas 2 more weeks and we will make a more thorough evaluation of him and his progress. Keep ya posted! :)
Didn't get to see Mary work him as we got there late, and being 100 plus degrees with out the heat index, she's been riding EARLY am and VERY LATE pm....trying NOT to KILL the horses :) Thank you Mary! OH, and a big THANK YOU to Barry who spent his weekend installing two HUGE fans in the main barn to circulate the air.....it cooled it down about 10 degrees in there. THANK YOU! Plus, each horse has it's own stall fan, and there is a mister installed over head that mists water down on the hot horses during the heat of the day. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not much to Update

Cas is still at Nelson Training Center

Talked with Mary over the weekend and we have a pretty big obstacle to over come.
His lope/canter.
He can't do it.
I mean, HE CAN DO IT, but he is very uncoordinated and has no idea where to put his feet or carry his head. He wants to tuck his chin to his chest and bust around like a bull in a china closet.
Mary is having to tie his head up (normally you are asking the horse to put his head down and tieing off to the girth on the sides, or between the horses front legs in the middle) to near the horn so he doesn't think he has to have his head tucked between his knees.
Mary says that when he lopes off free, he has nice movement and there is no reason (should be we able to get over this hurdle) that he can't do the Hunter Under AND THE PLEASURE! Music to my ears....here's hoping we can get him over this hump....... will keep ya posted.
Mary has to take off for a few weeks end of next month....so he may stay in partial training with her assistant. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friend's Conversation Starter

http://hunterintraining.blogspot.com posted the following;

1- How do you view your riding? Are you hoping to accomplish a certain task, then "stop learning", and repeat the same thing forever? Are you "always learning", constantly searching for the next level of whatever style of riding you're in? Is it a faster run time? A higher fence? A better test score?

Well, at this point in time I am NOT riding. I do not have the room to ride at my place, not the time to haul to local arena/friends house to ride. SO, that answer is simple.
As far as the 'stop learning' part - I think that if you feel you are at the point when you do not NEED to learn anything else (and this goes for life in general not just riding) you need to stop and do a self evaluation. There is ALWAYS something to learn from someone about something. When you stop learning you stop growing as a person. Don't stop learning! Even if your ultimate "GOAL" is riding a 3rd level test and getting a great score....don't stop learning. You might not want to PUSH yourself past that, but there are many other horse related things you can learn other than riding!

*Goals* Well, my handsome stallion is off at the trainers place. As said before I don't have room to ride/train so....that's my option at the moment. I do hope to get up there every other weekend or so when he's going well and get in a lesson or two. Do I expect amazing things from "US" with my limited ride time? NO, I expect amazing things from him and the trainer together as they will get much more time together than he and I will. Make sense?
Another goal is get the HOLE filled in at our place so I do have a spot to ride! I have 3 well broke critters at the casa and not one of them has been ridden in a while! That's a shame!
So, personal goals - get arena up and running and start riding! Then.....I'll be able to set some riding goals! :)

On a side note - I think that too many people push themselves to hard to fast when it comes to equine sports. People forget, you are dealing with a LIVING, BREATHING, THINKING creature. Not a machine that does what you ask all the time when you ask. They get sick (set back) they get hurt (set back) they have moments of "nope mom, I'm not learning today and I'm going to be stiff and defiant and you are going to want to kill me in 30 minutes" just because they are horses. My advice on goals....make them REALISTIC. IF not, two things will happen. You won't reach them because it was darn near impossible. And this will lead to - A-Giving up on horse related activities all together or B-Taking that frustration out on your horse and everyone around you because you failed.
If you have a setback- re work those goals. OK.....furrball got a nasty cut that put him out of commission for two weeks. Not going to make it to that A show I planned on in 3 weeks.....let's shoot for an A show in 5 weeks. That kinda thing. OR - Ya know, fluffy and I aren't getting along well.... think there's something wrong (take to chiropractor who says yep, fluffy is all outta whack and needs a week off after adjustment) and you decide to start hauling to nice barn 30 mins away once a week for lessons. That dressage show you wanted to enter in a week.....PASS! Enter the one next month after fluffy is healthy and you've had some professional instruction to help you through the 'sticky stuff'
Ok...I think that's enough for today.....Stepping off Soap Box now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6/15/09 Training Update

Got a very late call from Mary last night.
She had her assistant ride Cas so she could watch. She said she know what he feels like but also wanted to see what he looks like.
She was impressed! :)
She said he was moving out in nice big hunter trot, ground covering and classy.
She thinks he has lots of potential.

Cas schedule for the week
6/16 - am work out
6/17 - Mary out of town for the day, Justin will be riding him
6/18 - Mary back for ride
6/19 - Mary ride
6/20 - Mary final ride before 1 week evaluation over

Now, keep in mind he's not being worked hard....20 mins tops on these first few rides. He is out of shape.

SO....here's hoping that we are right about "good lookins" potential as an A - OK show horse!! :) go Cas! :)

Cas in Training

Took Cas up to Nelson Training Center over the weekend for an evaluation.

Saturday he acted like a butt! Nickering and whinnying at everything that walked by or even looked his direction. As this is NOT acceptable behavior he got in trouble a bunch. Saturday he didn't get worked, as we went to a local open horse show that Mary had to judge.

Up bright and early to mess with Cas. Yeah, right! This was the first morning I'd been able to sleep in in a long time! Got up around 8:30 and scrounged around for breakfast and ran down to the barn to lunge/ride Cas.
He was a good boy, better as far as talking and nickering at everyone goes. Had to really get after him to make him move as you all know by now he's the most LAZY critter on the planet.
Mary, trusting me, hopped up on him after about a 20 minute lunge.
He was a saint, of course. L-A-Z-Y!
He is either really RUSTY under saddle, or just doesn't know a whole lot. Didn't think neckreining was good, but also didn't want to move off leg pressure. So, the big man got left with Mary for a MINIMUM one week evaluation.
I trust that Mary won't waste her time nor my money on a horse that isn't going to go any where. We both think Cas will be able to go somewhere. While he might night be a AQHA world champion Pleasure horse.......we're hoping for top 10! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's gotta be MONDAY

Day started off not so great! Did not want to haul my bootie outta bed this morning. Did at 6, knowing that I'd have to RUSH to get done with Cas and showered and on the way to work on time.
OUCH! Damn fenced zapped Cas when I went to take him out of the pasture. THEN, it got ME AND CAS when i tried to put him back. WTF! I asked Robert to fix that weeks ago! Tried NOT to bug him, hoping that would help. WRONG! Got on his case this morning.

Lunged Cas about 20 mins. Got him to CANTER this morning. Which, in and of itself is a feat! I mean, this boy is L-A-Z-Y- lazY! So, about two or three circles each direction canter. Really pretty to the right, not so to the left. It's ok.
Seriously working out a deal with the devil to take him to my trainer in San Marcos. As much as I hate to admit it I don't have the place to work with him right now, nor the time and he really deserves it. SO, will trudge along doing what I can do until the devil gives in or I win the lottery. I am taking him up to trainers' this weekend for a once over. She's going to ride him, see what buttons he has that can be pushed and see what he needs to learn. Would like to head to an open show next month.

weekend update

6/7/09 - Schroeder/Mission Valley area shoeing/trimming = Cas day off

6/6/09 Took one of our other horses to the Chiro for an adjustment. He was all sorts of outta whack! Poor critter! Got him back in 'allignment'. Check up in 2 weeks. = Cas day off

6/5/09 Can't remember if I lunged him friday or not...I think so, but not 100% sure.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Cas got the day off yesterday.
Robert and I have been having some 'issues' and I took the day off yesterday to go pamper myself and spend some time ALONE. Well, along with a quick 'hi' from a good friend who wanted to see my new hair cut!
YEP, got a new hair cut.....she whacked 8 inches off. So, I have like 1/4 of the hair I had this time yesterday! It feels nice. Looks fuller. :)

Cas will be back on tonight (6/4) He's gotten one too many days off! And, I miss messing with him! He's a good boy! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

06/02/09 - AM

I don't think that Cas likes working at 8pm and then at 6am. He looked a bit put off when I went to catch him this morning before breakfast. However, evening plans won't allow time for an evening lunge...so it's am or nadda....I opted for AM!

Food - 2 sc ours....about 1/4 theirs 1 oz Corta Flex

He reluctantly trotted around on the line for about 12 mins each direction...with 2 min warm up, 2 min direction change and 5 min cool down.
He gets sprayed with SSS before and after work outs, and gets liniment sprayed from knee to ankle and hock to ankle after each work out. Cas seems to enjoy all the pampering. Although he doesn't seem to like being brushed. It's the strangest thing....
Connie is at a show in IOWA....she did ok with Jimbo in halter yesterday, riding her stallion Chipper today in the western classes. Can't wait to hear how she does! :)


PM lunge - food 1 3/4 ours 1/4 theirs
Got home kinda late after 4-H meeting to find Pissy with a nice puncture wound on her LF forearm. So, cold hosed it and applied meds. After that it was getting dark. BUT, Cas had YESTERDAY off so he was not ABOUT to get 2 days in a row!

lunged for about 25 mins. He's truly a great guy! Lazy, but great! He has a slow and I mean s-l-o-w----- jog. He will move out if I really get after him into a more ground covering trot....but he prefers to go S-L-o-W. :) Really enjoying the time I get to spend with him!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Casper training update

5/27/09 - AM - food - 1/2 can ours, 1 1/2 theirs 1 oz corta flex
I had every intention of giving Cas a full week to acclimate to his new diggs....however being a stallion he is proving that he's acclimated already and looking for work...so off to work we go!
Lunged Cas for about 20 mins. Brushed/polo wrapped at trailer. Sprayed with bug spray. Lunged First to the left (his blue eye side) then to the right. Little bugger didn't want to change direction. Wanted to make me think that he'd never been lunged that direction before. WRONG answer. I promptly informed him he was not the boss and I was in charge. He gave in and went the other direction! :) Good boy Cas! :) Hosed him down when done, sprayed with SSS and h20 for his coat and to keep the bugs off and into his pasture he went...and off I went to work.

5/28/09 - AM- food - 3/4 can ours, 1 1/4 theirs 1 oz corta flex
Lunged Cas again. About 20 mins. Brushed/wrapped at trailer, then to the pasture for a lunge. A saint both directions this time. Pushed him out a bit more at the trot as he is L-A-Z-Y, LAZY!
A good boy.

5/29/09 - PM food - 1 can ours 1 can theirs 1 oz corta flex
Slept in too late to lunge in the am...had to lunge in the pm. Same routine...gave me a bit of trouble this time again to the right. He's such a butt head! Love him to pieces though! He's awesome.

5/30/09 - pm AGAIN food - 1 1/2 can ours 1/2 can theirs 1 oz corta flex
Had clients to take care of this morning so Cas got another PM lunge. Same routine, good boy. Really pushed him out at the trot. I think that he'll be able to go western and hunter in the show pen. While he can do that (and prefers it) slow WP jog....he can, when pushed extend into a ground covering trot.

5/31/09 - OFF food 1 1/2 can ours 1/2 can theirs 1 oz corta flex
Got a late PM invite to a friends for BBQ, music, and hanging out. so, CAS got an unscheduled day off. We got to eat some good food and hang with friends! :)

6/1/09 will lunge this PM and blog in the am. food 1 3/4 ours 1/2 theirs 1 oz corta flex

Caspers Advantage

There's a new critter at our casa! Lemme give you a bit of background.

about 2 years ago Robert and I made a trip to a stable in Bastrop to shoe a horse a friend/client had there in training.
The trainer took advantage of the fact a farrier would be at her place and put us to work on some of her horses. The last horse Robert put shoes on....at 11pm I might add....was a gorgeous AQHA stallion named Caspers Advantage. The trainer made mention that he was for sale, and Robert and I over the next few months made attempt after attempt to get the trainer to sit down with us and take serious about selling him. She never would. In December of 2007 we learned that he'd been sold at a thanksgiving auction for a fraction of what she told us she'd want for him. Through AQHA I was able to track down his new owners, thank goodness they transferred his papers to their name, and had long conversation about the horse and they agreed to let us know if they ever wanted to sell.
Fast forward to April, 2009. I was dinking around on the Internet and put his name in a google search to see what he was up to and see what his new owners were doing with him. You can only imagine my shock when the 3rd link on the search was to a CRAIGS LIST add for him...HE WAS FOR SALE!
Fast forward to May 25th, 2009. through some 'tough work' and negotiating Casper now resides with us. He is a handsome man, nice mover with the disposition of a gelding most of the time. Everyone who sees him can't help but admire him. We are working him towards some AQHA show in the late summer/fall (if you can call the seasons in Texas that)
SO.....pardon me folks but it looks like this blog will now be Caspers' Blog......where I will be writing about his training and preparing for shows. So, hope you all don't get bored to hear about me lunging him every day for a while. He's a bit out of shape.