Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 gOals ReViEw

 Well, here is a review of 2012 goals. What got accomplished and what didn't.

Buy a western saddle, and all that needs to go with it to start riding

This goal was a success!!! A Tucker western saddle was purchased, many additional items were acquired via birthday and Christmas gifts. So, I now have everything I need to ride!!

Get riding 'area' done, so I can ride/work a horse

This goal, much to my dismay, was not met in 2012. So it will be carried over to 2013


This goal, not met. :(

Compete at 1 (or more) horse show, western walk/trot, or dressage walk/trot with Casper

This goal was not met either :(

Get in better shape, watch what I eat

While I don't know that I am in better shape, I do know that better food choices were made, and will continue into 2013!!