Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hump day

Well it's WEDNESDAY...yeah? BORING! Work is pretty dull this week. I've been helping one of my 4-H kiddos get her first horse. Lemme explain since I have nothing better to yak about!
She is in no position to be buying a horse. She JUST got her first job, her parents are NO help, and she wants to go to college next year. DOESN'T need to buy a horse, as the responsibility it will entail in the future. SO, a friend of mine has a very nice older gelding that she 'wants' to sell. She does NOT want to sell, but has bought another horse and can't afford all 3. So, I've arranged a lease of the older gelding that the friend doesn't need, but doesn't want to sell. Kiddo will have 100 % access to the horse, and pay it's monthly bills. It will be just like owning a horse, she just won't have to cough up the $3,000.00 to buy him. Pretty cool huh? She's very excited, and I hope that this horse is able to teach her a lot! Cross Ur fingers!

Trudging along at the horse show thing. A guy from the rodeo association we dealt with last year called this morning with another potential date for us to have it. I haven't gotten all the info from everyone yet in order to make an appropriate decision...but am working on it.

Got the OK for the Riding Therapy Center to 'co host' the event with us. Threw at them the question of covered arena with not 100% best footing, or uncovered arena with good footing. I will be talking with them this evening, so will keep updates on that coming! :)

I am a

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Got ur motor runnin for a wild weekend! :)

YEAH, RIGHT! There are not many wild weekends at our place. When there is it usually consists of a horse show, or judging contest for the kiddos.
Let me back up to a Thursday update. Robert did WELL on his test!! YEAH! Not sure it's going to be enough to get him to the mid-term. He has a test this Friday which will be the deciding factor. SO, keep the prayers coming and the fingers crossed!
Friday afternoon I left work EARLY and met Robert in Edna and we signed papers on our house....not sure if we are excited or terrified! Robert didn't have to go into 'school' until 6 pm, they did 'mock calls'. Set up 'stations' at the college where the cadets had to go get information from 'crime scenes'. He said it was fun!
Saturday went over to J's house with one of the 4-H kiddos and helped her with her ponies. Ransom was a SAINT (I love him). Romeo, old reliable however was less than saintly and got the 'big spurs' and the training fork as he was being very BAD!! Trying to convince kiddo horse ownership isn't a good option for her right now.
Then we ran to Richmond to visit some friends, in the RAIN!
Sunday am got up EARLY and met Mary G. in Edna to hand off T-Bone, our handicapped dog. She loves him and can offer him way more than we can. She's going to see if she can get him some help. We are in the middle of no where and don't have access to the best vets around. Then went to church to watch a friend sing a solo in her church choir. All I can say is GLAD it's her not me because I can NOT sing, and she sings very well! :) Kudos!
After church we all went to lunch, good times!! :)
THEN, took the kiddo to another friend's house to let her ride a well finished, well trained horse to show her what she does need to look for if she insists she does need a horse. She loved him, had a great time, and looked VERY good up on his back. :)
Have a GREAT day! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All things Bah Humbug

The week started off GREAT! Who doesn't enjoy a long weekend, right? I sure do! Back at it on Tuesday, with 4-H meeting followed by CCYRA Horse Show 'committee' Meeting in the evening. work was ok, 4-H meeting great as the kiddos always have a great time. CCYRA meeting NOT so great. Kids and I were 'not included' in the little CCYRA meeting circle, which one of the kiddos pointed out to me. I told her not to worry when they needed my info I'd answer their questions. Meeting didn't get us anywhere, other then me in not so many words getting called a liar, and the CCYRA deciding there is too much going on at the arena to have our show scheduled in the same vicinity. They'd prefer we have on in the summer (when we are battling the heat) or the winter (when we'd normally be battling rain). Did I mention the arena is NOT covered? I will NOT bore you with a blow by blow description of the negativity that was sent our way, but suffice it to say that I went home Tuesday night, calling all the kiddos and giving them kudos for acting more adult than most of the adults at the meeting. They are as protective of me as I am of them, and wanted to do not so kind things to the 'evil' people at the meeting. I also went through all my records from same show last year and produced copies of income/expense report to the president of CCYRA as they are saying that we don't have as much money left as we thought. We will see what happens. All the kids want to do is have a horse show for cryin out loud! Don't be mean to my kids.....or I turn into mean momma bear. At this point we are looking at other venues and avenues to take our show down. We will press on, and we WILL have a show before my 2 seniors 'move on' to bigger and better things. :)

Have to give a shot out to "jennifer j." who called last night elated that she was comfortable enough to walk and trot her new horse in the arena with out anyone there to 'babysit' as she puts it, and with out someone holding the lunge line attached to his bridle. HORRAH for you!! :) Keep it up!!!

Everyone reading please say a prayer and cross fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms, hair follicles, anything that can be crossed because my husband takes his 2nd Police Academy Test at 1pm and he HAS to do well! :) Thanks!

I think that's all the news thats fit to print for now, and some that probably wasn't but I've gotta VENT! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Catch up...or Ketchup?

Anyway.... Did go visit the Harley Monster Last weekend. He's getting big...growing out, but not as much UP yet as I was hoping. He is only 3, in April, so he does have a bit longer to go. I'm told that Skys Blue Boy offspring are notorious for hitting a growth spurt around the age of 4, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that my Harley is no different! Harley lives at Nelson Training Center, under the watchful eye of Mary and Barry Nelson in San Marcos, Texas. They offer boarding, training, lessons, and Mary teaches the TSU Equestrian Team. Will post Harley photos next week as I don't have the thingy that attaches to the camera to transfer from camera to computer, sorry! He was SUPPOSED to be being started under saddle buy a guy that Mary knows and trusts, but a week after Harley went to him another horse fell over on top of him, and broke his foot. Harley is back at Mary's waiting for his (the trainers) foot to heel, and then he'll go back for those "30 days" under saddle. Then, Mary will start riding him 3 or 4 days a week...and we will see what we've got! Keep your fingers and toes crossed everyone!

Robert is doing a bit better in school. Some of the 'stuff' is starting to sink in he says. We are all pulling for him.

Looks like we will be signing papers on our property in about 2 weeks. Gave the owner the go ahead this week and it should be about another 2 weeks for the title company to get the 'crap' together. YEAH! Not sure if we are excited, or terrified!

Off on Monday for Presidents day....YEAH, long weekend!

One of the last 2 'houla pups got adopted today! Jamboree flew out of Houston this morning for California. She was nervous and upset last night when I left her with Mary, our transport angel in Houston. She's been a doll, taking the pups to the airport in the morning for us. We couldn't do it with out her! :)

A tallented person

Our second pup adopter, Lynn is a VERY talented artist! Here is a link to her site. She is getting back into 'commissioned' artwork, as she now has a very hungry 'houla to support! Her work is truly amazing, so please check it out.
Lynn's Website

I know, I've been a bad bloggin' since the 2nd....I promise to work on that before I leave work at back later! Thanks! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wild and Wooly weekend?

Not really! We don't tend to have too many of those at our place!

Spent Saturday on the road trimming and shoeing our client’s horses. It was our "Goliad/ Cuero" trip. Most people were out for the day...thankfully they have good horses, and don't mind leaving money in feed tub! :) Robert spent every spare second studying....he's feeling better about school.

Sunday....caught up on some chores around the house....and then went to torture a friend and her horse! It was most fun! A look of pure terror came across her face when she realized she was going to walk AND TROT off the lunge line around the arena! SHE LIVED, amazingly, and seemed to have a good time once she realized that her pony wasn't going to pitch her over his ears. THANK GOD because he's a BIG BOY and that would be a LONG WAY DOWN! :) SMILE, I know you're reading this!

I must confess that I've been a little stressed lately with all the "things" that we have going on. UP early, get Robert off to school, take care of critters, go to work, get home, take care of critters, cook dinner, attempt to leave the house a bit cleaner than it was when I got home, play with critters, shower, help Robert study and attempt to get to bed at a semi-decent hour....YIKES! I have discovered a little tool that is making my life a WHOLE lot easier and suggest it to ANYONE that is looking to simplify a thing or two in their life......introducing the Crock Pot!! I know, some of you have heard of this wonderful invention, and YES, some of you may even use it! BUT, I'm just totally blown AWAY every night I come home and DINNER is already done! I LOVE THIS THING! Throw a bunch of stuff in, turn it on and return home about 8-9 hours later and you have a HOT, home cooked meal ready to eat! It beats the hell out of Mc Donald’s and Sonic on the way home every night because as I get close to home I'm going through the list of crap I need to get done before 10pm so I can get to bed and COOKING DINNER just doesn't fit into my schedule! the AMAZING GENIUS that created this dinner-cooking-with-out-me-standing-over-the-stove-machine BLESS YOU!!