Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prep Class update 2

prep class finished up around 2pm (right on schedule)....potty breaks and we were on the way home! yay!!!

Waco Prep Class Update

Arrived in Waco Monday night after we left late, hit RAIN, and a piece of heavy equipment that was being hauled at about ohhh 15 mph down a highway where the speed limit is 70!! Line of cars....I'm sure everyone in that line was just as pissed off as we were! good directions and navigational skills got us to the hotel in one piece! YAY! GO me!
Arrived at hotel....checked in.....D.B. went to find her sister while I chilled at the hotel. Her sister ended up being at work still, so we ran around the closest Highway (so we didn't get lost) and found Cheddar's ( I have eaten here before, but D had not) They have great food, good prices, and great service, ALWAYS. D loved it, it was a hit! I went back to the hotel and D went back to her sister's house.
Got up LATE on Tuesday am(7am is sleeping in for me) and wandered down to the hotel lobby for a 'decent' breakfast.
Walked across the parking lot, YES across the parking lot ( how cool is that) to the building where our class was. Found the suite where we were supposed to be (I swear it was 300, but it was 330) and...waited.
People finally arrived to unlock our room and in we went. 1/2 the lights didn't work so we had to rearrange the room so we could all see!
Bob's class was good! It always is!!! It's a lot of info and by the end of the night last night my brain was killing me from info overload!

Obviously up and at it this morning already. Eating breakfast and blogging so you all can read what I've been up to for the past 2 days!
More class today...should be heading out around 2pm......hope for an uneventful trip home!!!

Have a great day all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

River Walk Pics 10/30/09

Amazing Hotel
Nifty Seat!

Texas Flag

First Part of the River Walk we saw after walking between some shops

Where we ate lunch/dinner

© Do not Copy Photos Please!!

10/30/09 - San Antonio

After a very late night - we all woke up early and went to San Antonio VIA a short stop in San Marcos to see CASPER after a trip into EDNA to go to the Pharmacy - YIKES!

Mom wanted to see Casper, since we weren't going to be taking him to a show when she was her. He was heading to Waco with my trainer as a 'buddy' for another horse she was taking
So....we got to San Marcos to find Casper still in his stall, thank goodness! We were worried he might have been gone already since I couldn't get a hold of Mary.
We arrived to find him clad in a HOT PINK SHEET, and a very feminine Sleezy with big, bright, bold hibiscus flowers. My mom said I had a gay horse! Everyone at the barn insisted he was not gay and that he was just comfortable with his masculinity!! What a riot! Put on his black shipping boots and a few carrots later off he went to Waco! (everything went well all weekend while he was there, thank goodness....lots of compliments about him Mary said)

From San Marcos a QUICK trip to the San Antonio Rose Palace to see a friend (crossing my fingers) show. Not sure we'd get there in time though. With many complaints from the passenger seat (mom) and the back seat (DH) I was given 30 minutes to hang with my friend before we MUST HEAD to the River Walk! What ever! Got there 2 minutes before Connie went in for her last class...GREAT TIMING! See pics here she's the one on the small bay!

OK...hugs and congrats and pointers to Connie and off we went!
NOW - lemme just say.....I had not planned on the San Marcos trip...I had planned STRAIGHT to River Walk for most of the day and then a mid pm jaunt over to the Rose Palace to see Connie. However, plans changed so we were now headed to River Walk via the Rose Palace. I had directions from the River Walk to the Rose hard would it be to just follow the directions backwards, right? W R O N G! ! ! ! ! The final road we needed was NOT on any of the big signs on the highway. So, after much raucous from the passengers and back seats about getting lost I pulled off the highway into a Whataburger and happened to pull up next to a motorcycle cop! Rolled down windows and said...HAY...can you tell us how to get back to the River Walk? Nice guy! Turns out we were only about 5 mins in the wrong direction!! Props to the navigator (yours truly) for not getting us TOOOOOO lost!
So, a few turns and BAM there we were. Street parking not look so good, so we opted to pay to park in a garage.
Mom lead the way and we found the (dirty from all the recent rain) RIVER WALK! Even with the dirty h2o it was a pretty sight!
Had lunch at THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS (i know....we found about 3 other places we'd have liked better after we got walking around, AFTER we ate!). Then walked around and took the really cool but MUCHO expensive boat tour. Gorgeous city! Lots of fun!!! Late home very late! Friend in town was nice enough to run to the house mid afternoon and let the doggies out. Poor things....would have been in kennels with legs crossed trying to hold it till we got home! Pics in the next post. Please don't copy and use them for yourself.

Congrats to Alex and Glowin Easy!

Friday Fills Ins

1. Plans and schedules, can't live with out 'em!

2. I'm happy when things go as planned.

3. The last thing I drank was h2o.

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is the 'stuff' you can't touch.

5. I like hamburger and bell pepper on my pizza.....but I also like ham and pineapple.

6. Dear November, please don't bring the hurricane that in down south right now, PLEASE!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going home and hanging with my DH, tomorrow my plans include going to watch Mary show Casper and Sunday, maybe a day to relax!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

10/29/09 - Touchdown

Mom arrives! Yay!

Left work early....well...LATE! Meant to leave at 12:30....had a few policy holder who needed some help, so stayed a bit late to finish up.
Then, trip to Bank, and then grocery store for a few last minute items so we'd have food in the house....then fill up the gas tank so I don't run out on the way to Houston........
FINALLY make it home at like 2:15 (need to leave home by 2:30 to get to airport in time)!
Needed to shower and change....grrrrrr running late is my biggest pet peeve!
Then...need to run by Wal-Mart pharmacy in Edna to pick up an antibiotic for my mom 'cause she thought she was getting an infection and her Dr. was nice enough to call in one...... Get to Pharmacy Rx yet...WTF? I was called in about 2 hrs ago and my mom called and asked if you could PLEASE it ready by 2:30 *it's now 2:45* because I have to get to the airport to pick her up......Grrrrrrrr....... SO....3pm I finally make it out of Wal-Mart and on my way!
Didn't get money back when I used debit card at Wal-Mart cause RX was mucho expensive! money for toll road.....
Call DH and ask him to find me other directions...NO again, no answer.....and answer.
NOW...I'm already peeved I'm running late cause of policy holders, errands after work and the Pharmacy guy got it taken out on him *insert nasty message left on his phone*

Stop at Buc-ee's in Wharton (the one with out the sunscreen) and get a drink and got just enough cash back to pay tolls (most places minimum is $20.00 but Buc-ees redeems itself for not having sunscreen by allowing me to take out $10.00!)
So....flying (the Mazda sprouted wings, I swear) to Houston getting there only about 15 mins after moms plane lands. Good! Was afraid I was going to be about an hour and a half late with traffic and all....
Head home.....chit chat a dinner...go to sleep to be well rested for busy day on FRIDAY! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Very Busy..sorry!

Very busy long weekend with Mom down from New York.
Will post pics and updates as time at work allows!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! :)