Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Step......

in the right direction??

I know it's not NATIONAL news or anything, but I have an update on Chewie's feets.
He got a trim on Sunday night and.......drum roll please........when I got home last night he was walking around 95% normal! This is great improvement over the last 2 trims which left him pretty owie for a few days. :)
SO......I'm hoping that he's headed in the right direction, and work and riding are just around the corner! When he's fit and in shape you'd mistake him for an Appendix...so, I hope to get him there ASAP!

Cas is doing well at Mary's. Figuring out what gelded life is all about. He's back into light work, I think Amie took him on a trail ride yesterday :) yay!
Can't wait to get my big monster home!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh where oh where does the time go?

Middle of June? WHAT? What happened to January and February? Crazy stuff!

What's happened since my last post?
Not a whole lot. Things are still chugging along here. DH is searching for police employment, and I am continuing my 'equine struggle'. What to do, what to do?

Casper has been at the trainer for a year now, and has learned a lot. He's not going to be the stellar show horse we'd hoped, but he's a good, BIG, PRETTY boy with a great attitude. We do plan on keeping him around. OH, and as of YESTERDAY, Cas is a gelding. Yep, we bit the bullet and gelding him. He has a GREAT attitude, BUT, there are so many amazing Stallions out there that can be 'had' for cheap right now...so.....Cas has no amazing show record and none of his offspring have done anything amazing. We love him, and it will be great to have him home at the end of the month. :)

Still in search of a nice, older horse to start my dressage 'career' with. Have a friend that is doing Dressage, and we will be able to haul to shows and lessons together to cut down on the cost of both of us. SO, that's the plan Stan.....or at least it is for now. Who knows what will happen to change my mind!

Hope everyone out there in blogger land is well!