Friday, May 31, 2013

Cas the Gentleman - day 3 - 5/31

Cas brought his A game today!! He was really great. He had one hiccup on his first right canter depart, but super other than that.
He walked 7.5 and trotted 2.5 each way.
He got in a couple laps canter each way and we called it good. He seemed to loosen up better today then the last two days, and he seemed to move out more at the trot. We will see what tomorrow brings.
Oh, and his direction changes on the line were much improve today!! Go Cas!!

The Bird - 5/30 - day 2

Yep, the bird! That is what I got today when I asked Cas for day 2 of his super slow back to work workout!!
Things started out nice and calm, like yesterday. Groomed and wrapped no problem! I even sent him out on the line for his first direction 5 min walk and he was very good. He changed directions better than the day I thought the rest if his work would be easy peasy as well. Insert first trot circles here and Cas flips me the bird!! You would have thought there was a 99 pound jockey on his back whooping away on him as they came down the home stretch in the Derby for crying out loud. He took off, tearing around te circle like a pony possessed, kicking u his heels, nose up in the air. All he was lacking was the tail up and someone may have mistaken him for an Arabian.
This is where I found myself between a rock and a hard place. Did I want him careening around the "arena" like a Loon? No! Did I even want him cantering at all at this point? No! Was I going to let him get away with his behavior? Nope! So we transitioned right from canter to trot until he gave up a couple nice transitions and we switched directions. What happens on one side should happen on the other. So off we go left. Not nearly as animated to the left, but still more get up and go than I thought he would have. So we again transitioned from trot to canter until they were pretty and then we walked. And walked. And walked some more. He was covered in sweat on his neck, girth, and flanks as well as mucho froth between his cheeks! :)
What started at 5:47 and should have gone until about 6 lasted until 6:27..... An entire 40 minutes!! Crazy horse!! Ugh!
Cas then got tied to the patience tree while I unwrapped and got pony dinners ready. He then got hosed from nose to tail, standig ground tied in the pasture. Once I started to give him a nice, refreshing vetroline scrub, he took off! Trotting through the pasture, lead rope dragging behind him. Fortunately, this didnt last long. 2 big whoas from me and he came to a stop. The 'wash rack' got moved and he got tied up!!
As the bath was coming to an end, I noticed he was hiding a mini Louisville Slugger in his tail! Yes folks, he had a rats nest in there that would rival that of any 5 year old little for with baby fine hair who went to sleep with it wet and tossed and turned all night amid nightmares of the boogeyman chasin her.
So, 45 mins later Cas was thoroughly tired and bathed, with his tail back in good working order.
Can't wait to see what the morning brings!

5/29 - Day 1

I didn't expect any funny business today.
I collected Cas from his pasture, groomed him and wrapped his legs. I didn't plan on anything strenuous, but when do horses listen to the plans of humans?
Decked out in his knotted nose band halter and polos out to the arena we went.
The event was as uneventful as I hoped. 5 mins walk one way followed by a few circles of trot, repeat  on the other side and we were done. He was very sticky changing directions on the end of the line, but he hasn't done this in forever so I'm cutting him some slack. I'd say he's gotten a bit stuff
Over the last few years, but maybe that will change with some work. Then again, I might have to up his joint supplement in his smart pak!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back to work, Fatty!

Poor Casper, he has no idea what is about to happen! He hasn't had to work since he got back from the trainer's. Honestly, I can't even remember when that was. I'd have to go look back through this blog and figure it out.

As you learned in my prior post, I have a place to ride! Yay!!! *insert happy dance here*
So, Fatty (Casper's nickname) will be going back to work. Starting tonight, he will get a nice lunge. Going to jot down a little training program really quick so that I can be reminded if I forget! Going to give him at least a week on the line before I start riding. And when I start riding, keep in mind it will be nothing major! We will be walking and jogging. Cas has a hang up on loping. He doesn't really like it all that much. Call it lazy, call it his ability to get out of work, call it whatever you want. We will be taking it nice and slow! Poor old man, he thought he was retired! HA!

5/29 - 5 min walk each direction, with about 2 circles of jog/trot each way
5/30 - 5 min walk/2-3 circles of trot each way
5/31 - 7.5 mins walk/ 2.5 mins of trot each way
6/1 - 7.5 mins walk/2.5 mins trot each way
6/2  - DAY OFF
6/3 - 7.5 mins walk/3 mins trot each way
6/4 -  7.5 mins walk/5 mins trot each way
6/5 - 7.5 mins walk/5 mins trot each way
6/6 - day off
6/7 - 5 mins walk/5 mins trot - First day ride?

Feel free to make constructive comments/suggestions. Obviously, we will have to see how things go. If he's getting too tired, I'll back off. If he's handling his re-introduction to work well, I may go a bit longer. I won't be expecting him to go on a 20 mile trail ride anytime soon, that's for sure!!!

Short term goal - Back in shape enough so we can ride for 30/45 mins
Long term goal - Trail Ride at BRC with Jen and an Open Show

And so, it begins!

I even have the band-aid covered blisters to prove it!!! Ha!

No, I was not lunging a horse to have the line ripped through my tender paws taking layers of skin with it. My hands fell prey to the wrath of a garden rake and lots of limbs/sticks. I've spent about 4 hours over the past 2 days cleaning a small 'arena' in which to ride Casper in the front paddock/pasture.
It is nothing fancy, so don't get too excited. I walked it, and it appears to be about 40 feet by 40 feet. It is pretty square. What started out as an "ill just go pick up the limbs/sticks" adventure turned into an all out 'cleaning' of that section of the pasture. There were many more little sticks/twigs that Cas shouldn't step on than I thought. So, away went the ideas of just picking stuff up by hand and out came the rake.

3 bandage changes later the area is finally clean. DH just needs to move 2 piles of chopped wood back about 2 feet, and then break out the box blade to level it up a bit. It is suitable to lunge him, as I plan on doing the next few days. But once I get on and start riding, it should probably be a bit more level.
The footing will be nothing fancy, just the dirt that is in the pasture. If we keep this up, might get a load of sand or two dumped in there and let DH play with the tractor some more. But for now, to get started, it'll be great! Better than I've had since we moved to our current home. Correction, MORE than I've had since we moved to our new home!

So, these are a bit blurry, but you get the idea!!