Thursday, March 26, 2009

Horse Show Weekend

One of my 4-H kiddos is going to her first horse show Saturday, as I mentioned before.
You could say I'm a NERVOUS wreck! Kinda like a mom would be I think if it were here child. The kiddo in questions has parents who could give a ratts-butt less about her, and that's sad. Robert and I have kind of 'taken her in' so to speak, and have given her many opportunities that she would not have had otherwise. So, this 'momma bird' is nervous for the 'baby bird' to go on her first big adventure! I'm hoping that she does well, her horse behaves, and they at least bring home one ribbon, I don't care what color!
Got a call from a friend last night who is also going, offering her second horse as a mount for me should I decide I want to show. She also informed me that her trainer will be taking her 2 year old colt that has been under saddle about 30 days. She also mentioned that one of the big fancy schmancy trainers she rides with down in Corpus is going to be bringing a 13 and under kiddo to get her some practice as she's just started showing. Should be an interesting weekend! Will Blog all about it later, PROMISE. (I'm just not going to say WHEN that might be because we know I'm not good at this!)

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