Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waco Prep Class Update

Arrived in Waco Monday night after we left late, hit RAIN, and a piece of heavy equipment that was being hauled at about ohhh 15 mph down a highway where the speed limit is 70!! Line of cars....I'm sure everyone in that line was just as pissed off as we were! good directions and navigational skills got us to the hotel in one piece! YAY! GO me!
Arrived at hotel....checked in.....D.B. went to find her sister while I chilled at the hotel. Her sister ended up being at work still, so we ran around the closest Highway (so we didn't get lost) and found Cheddar's ( I have eaten here before, but D had not) They have great food, good prices, and great service, ALWAYS. D loved it, it was a hit! I went back to the hotel and D went back to her sister's house.
Got up LATE on Tuesday am(7am is sleeping in for me) and wandered down to the hotel lobby for a 'decent' breakfast.
Walked across the parking lot, YES across the parking lot ( how cool is that) to the building where our class was. Found the suite where we were supposed to be (I swear it was 300, but it was 330) and...waited.
People finally arrived to unlock our room and in we went. 1/2 the lights didn't work so we had to rearrange the room so we could all see!
Bob's class was good! It always is!!! It's a lot of info and by the end of the night last night my brain was killing me from info overload!

Obviously up and at it this morning already. Eating breakfast and blogging so you all can read what I've been up to for the past 2 days!
More class today...should be heading out around 2pm......hope for an uneventful trip home!!!

Have a great day all!

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