Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Step......

in the right direction??

I know it's not NATIONAL news or anything, but I have an update on Chewie's feets.
He got a trim on Sunday night and.......drum roll please........when I got home last night he was walking around 95% normal! This is great improvement over the last 2 trims which left him pretty owie for a few days. :)
SO......I'm hoping that he's headed in the right direction, and work and riding are just around the corner! When he's fit and in shape you'd mistake him for an Appendix...so, I hope to get him there ASAP!

Cas is doing well at Mary's. Figuring out what gelded life is all about. He's back into light work, I think Amie took him on a trail ride yesterday :) yay!
Can't wait to get my big monster home!

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