Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy bee!

Can you say busy? LIFE has been on FFWD since January 1, I think. Yikes.

Last weekend I took photos at a friends' wedding, and had a photo session with my niece, Shelby.
This weekend I'm off to AuStIn for a weekend photography class with Kevin Gourley .
Next weekend (friday through Tuesday) I will be in FlOrIdA visiting my friend Holly and her family.
The weekend after that? Back to trimming hooves with my husband...... and that is just the last few weeks. I could go on, or go backwards....but I think that shows you how busy I've been.

Alduca is with his Auntie Jen for the weekend, while the rest of the critters will be watched by my M.I.L (mom-in-law) and Shelby. I hope they have fun, because they will have their hands full with all those critters!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I Hope to come back with lots of new ideas for my photography. Oh, and I hope to have time to update my photo blog and my FB page for my photography as well!

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