Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spaghetti and Meatballs

i LOVE Italian food. No if, ands or buts about it. I do. Any noodle, any sauce, garlic bread, some vino and I'm there! Yumm, yummm, YUMMY!!!
Preferably a nice, sweet vino! :)

My husband? Not so much. He's not really a fan of Italian food. Wait, to say he's not a fan is an understatement!
I can, in rare instances get him to agree to Italian for dinner. His choice? Chicken Alfredo. Hates red sauce. Hate it!
How can a person hate red sauce? Red sauce IS Italian food. You can't HAVE Italian food withOUT red sauce. It's un-Itialian. Right?

When I make red sauce for myself, I usually make something else for him. Once in a while, I will not make something else for him. This means, he either has to suffer through the red sauce, or cook for himself.

And, let me add, that when I make Italian...it's not normally "from a can". I don't buy pre-made meatballs. I use ground beef and add my own spices and seasonings and make them fresh. I don't buy a 99¢ can of "Spaghetti sauce" and call it good. No ma'am! I either start from scratch with tomato sauce or diced tomatoes if I'm in the mood for a chunky sauce; or a high end jar of Spaghetti sauce, and add additional seasonings/spices.
So, keep in mind this is not a thrown together out of the can/pre-made meal.

Sunday.......his mom and grandmother come over to the house. Hubby was in a fishing tournament with his dad and a few other guys Saturday. Granny didn't know that we would be there all day, and that there was a meal at the end.
Granny calls us about 6pm or so....."When are you guys going to be back, I cooked dinner".
Mom informs Granny that we wouldn't be back for a while, and that the people that put on the tournament would be feeding us......
So....Sunday Mom and Granny come over. Granny brings the dinner she made the night before. What was that dinner you ask?
Spaghetti and Meatballs.
Does hubby complain?
Does he eat Granny's Spaghetti and Meatballs?
Is it the pre-made/out of the can type of dish?

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