Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch up?

OK, let's catch up, shall we???
Friend and Fellow blogger's horse go sick Monday am. Told her it was his way of letting her know she should take MLK day off too, even thought it wasn't a work holiday at her place of employment. Thankfully can report that Mr. Pony Man is happy and healthy as of today! YEAH! :) Spent afternoon at ER w/hubby who has stomach virus that is going around, and was slightly dehydrated. They gave him a bag of fluids, and some fennergan (sp) to calm his stomach and sent us on our way. Happy to report as of today hubby is much better! :)

Tuesday...yuck..back to work and hubby's first day at "school". School being the Victoria College Police Academy. Crazy at our house in the morning. Me trying to run around and do our "normal routine" while Robert attempted to figure out his new routine. Most comical...if I'd had a camera it would have been an EASY 10 grand on AFHM. 4-H meeting in the afternoon was full of fun and games. Two of the kiddos who were fighting last week pretended to be fighting again this week and upset me, and one of the other club members. They arrived at the meeting, TOGETHER and fessed up that they were just trying to pull one over on backfired!

Wednesday....what can you say about Wednesday other than...YUCK.

Today. Not to shabby. Robert is starting to settle into a routine. His schedule isn't the same every that will no doubt take a while. He has a TON of studying to do when he gets home. the past 3 nights it's been 10:30 before we get to bed and I PREFER to be in bed by 9! HAH!

Out look for tomorrow....cloudy with a chance of meetballs! :) Enjoy your day!

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