Thursday, May 14, 2009

update from......MARCH? No way!!

Ok, everyone that reads this I'm terribly sorry! Can I get a 'my bad'.....? Things have been a little hectic....but not so much that I haven't blogged in almost 2 months.

End of march wasn't so great. 4-H kiddo that was subject of last blog post bailed on me. She doesn't have her priorities straight. Lost her job, she's not going to school, dropped out of the 4-H club, she's just a really messed up kiddo with no guidance from her parents. Sad, sad, sad. So, I now have the horse that we got for her sitting at my house eating lots (which he's good at) and going to waste because we don't have time to mess with him. Anyone looking for a horse?? :)

April. Not even sure what to say about April other than, it's gone!! Robert had a b-day, so did my brother and my mom. Mom and hubby went down to FLORIDA for hubby's daughters' wedding.
The senior Catahoula that we were fostering till she 'passed' passed away. That was sad. She was such a sweet ol dog, and is missed a great deal. R I P Shayna.
Held an open horse show in conjunction with the local Riding Therapy Center. DRAMA to the max!! The Monday before our Saturday show some hoodlums broke in and turned on all the water hoses in the arena and the place was SOAKED! Robert, and friend Connie spent all day Friday at the arena dragging and getting the footing in 'shape'. They were able to salvage one part of the arena that was sectioned off and used for the show, while I had to put orange safety cones around the rest of the arena in the really bad spots where horses would have sunk up to their knees in mud and yuck! The judge didn't know as much as we thought, but all in all it was a good show. I think everyone had a good time.
May- 1/2 over! WOW! Having some issued with getting 4-h kiddos to commit to meeting. We are trying to get ready for the state contest they qualified for in June. We took an entire month off (April) and now I'm banging my head against a wall trying to get them back into the swing of things! 2 of the are seniors and probably won't be back next year.......
Not much else going on.....working, working, working. Robert is working part time, over night stocking at HEB (local grocery store). I'm still at the insurance office. Don't really like insurance, but we are a really 'laid back office', and 'laid back boss'. We get lots of holidays off, and I've been here over a year now so I have some paid vacation and personal time!!! Which will be used to A-take the 4-H kiddos to state in June, and go to a horse show the end of October when my mom comes down to visit. So, that will be cool!
Again, sorry for the lack of posting....I'll try to get better.
OH....Robert went hog hunting last night and the caught two hogs. I will post photos tomorrow....he has the camera at home! :)

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