Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Much Going On here.........

It's been a busy weekend.....with some blog-worthy stuff going on.

Some stuff going on with my in-laws....but nothing that I can blog's a bit tooooo personal. SO, that stuff took up Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday was a pretty normal day at work.....but I left early to take 2 judging teams to a horse judging contest.

Left P.L. about 4:30 and got to C.S. around 8. I LOVE driving......NOT!

Contest was Saturday, so we all had to get up early and throw some food down our bellies and head to the arena. - I will blog in detail tomorrow.

Sunday I threw all the furniture out of my living room and steam cleaned the carpet there and in the hall.
It looks better!!!!
Cleaned the kitchen too!

What a weekend! Nothing horse related though!!

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