Monday, June 1, 2009

Caspers Advantage

There's a new critter at our casa! Lemme give you a bit of background.

about 2 years ago Robert and I made a trip to a stable in Bastrop to shoe a horse a friend/client had there in training.
The trainer took advantage of the fact a farrier would be at her place and put us to work on some of her horses. The last horse Robert put shoes 11pm I might add....was a gorgeous AQHA stallion named Caspers Advantage. The trainer made mention that he was for sale, and Robert and I over the next few months made attempt after attempt to get the trainer to sit down with us and take serious about selling him. She never would. In December of 2007 we learned that he'd been sold at a thanksgiving auction for a fraction of what she told us she'd want for him. Through AQHA I was able to track down his new owners, thank goodness they transferred his papers to their name, and had long conversation about the horse and they agreed to let us know if they ever wanted to sell.
Fast forward to April, 2009. I was dinking around on the Internet and put his name in a google search to see what he was up to and see what his new owners were doing with him. You can only imagine my shock when the 3rd link on the search was to a CRAIGS LIST add for him...HE WAS FOR SALE!
Fast forward to May 25th, 2009. through some 'tough work' and negotiating Casper now resides with us. He is a handsome man, nice mover with the disposition of a gelding most of the time. Everyone who sees him can't help but admire him. We are working him towards some AQHA show in the late summer/fall (if you can call the seasons in Texas that)
SO.....pardon me folks but it looks like this blog will now be Caspers' Blog......where I will be writing about his training and preparing for shows. So, hope you all don't get bored to hear about me lunging him every day for a while. He's a bit out of shape.

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