Wednesday, May 26, 2010


IN 2002 I left my horse in Florida, with a friend, at her barn. The plan was for me to get to Texas, get settled, and get my horse shipped/pick him up.
That never happened. He was 'given' to a 'great home' after about a month and with me being 1000 plus miles away there wasn't much I could do about it.

I put ads online, searching for him. I'd renew them, and post new ones in other places. I'd do a google search for him, under his name, sometimes and never really found much. Until a little over a month ago. I found links to an old add for him.....they were giving him away. I got in touch with the place where the ad was placed, and they got me the add info, as the ad had expired it was no longer online.

I called the number off and on all day, and finally got a hold of someone around 6pm. She informed me she'd given him away about a month before, but he went to a "Great Home" and said she was going to go over and check on him. I asked her to PLEASE pass along my information to this new person, in case anything were to ever happen and his new owner couldn't take care of him. She said she would.

Phone rings on the way home last night, strange number, so I didn't answer. They left a voicemail.
It was a nice lady named Aimee, asking about the ads I had online for a TB gelding named Alduca. She left her number. I immediately pulled over and caller her back.
She had just rescued him from a lady who wasn't and hadn't been feeding him for a while now. She said he was 300lbs under weight.
If you are feint of heart, please do not look at the photos below......I'd say more like 500 lbs under weight.

This horse raced, and won money on the track. He was a seasoned fox hunter, eventer, and was trained through 2nd level dressage and was started on lower 3rd.....he was a sweetheart of a horse, didn't have a mean bone in his body.

This is how he got repaid for his makes me sick. His new owner has promised updated photos on a regular biases, and we've already exchanged numerous emails this morning. Her vet is headed out for an exam and possible teeth float.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to Alduca's vet care can to so by calling 904-692-3935 and having the money put on account number 991198 and say it's for Alduca. I don't' usually ask for stuff like this.....but this once great, majestic horse needs some help.


  1. Holy Shit. I *finally* get the chance to check in on some blogs and find this... damn girl-- heart goes out to you and Alduca's new owners- not to mention that grand horse!!

    Sooo ya need a rasp or three for a rasp enema to administer to a few folks along the way?

  2. OMG!!! How horrible! I can't understand how people can treat an animal so badly.

    I am glad that he was finally rescued.

  3. Thanks Ladies. This pooooor horse.

    Yep, Mrs. Mom, a rasp or a DOZEN would work!!

  4. That's horrible. Poor baby. I'm going to post a link from Tales to here so maybe others can help out.

  5. Hop on over to Tales - I'm calling out the Blogfia members for help.

  6. That's too sad. I'm so sorry. Unfortunately we see a lot of underfed horses around here. With the sagging economy people just seem to let their horses go. If he's just underweight he should be able to recover in time. Take care.

  7. Oh, I am so heart broken with your story about your lover horse!! Hope you are able to restore him and get into your care again!

  8. How can people do that to a horse... It's horrifying.

  9. I know that this is an old blogg, but do you still have this horse?

    1. HI, I'm just now seeing your comment, I'm sorry. Yes, I still have him. :)