Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mot Much.......

Not much going on over here......

Still waiting on income tax (come ON UNCLE SAM, it's MY MONEY!) so that I can get Casper gelded......then I can bring him home after 2 more weeks at Mary's and start riding!

I have come to a not so great revelation though.....Cas has been at Mary's getting WESTERN PLEASURE training......DRESSAGE is about the polar opposite! I can't bring him home and "mess" him all up like that can I? Would that even be fair? So....I'm thinking Cas will just HAVE to be an open show horse. There is a show at Sienna Stables....nice facility, nice horses, nice people....that I wouldn't mind taking him that is where Cas and I will play! Any thoughts?


  1. He sure is lovely. Is there no way for him to eventually learn to do both?

  2. I'm sure he could....but.....don't you think that would CONFUSE the crap outta him?