Monday, May 16, 2011

Guys, we don't ask questions to be a PAIN in the Butt, really!

Part 1

Friday evening my DH (who wasn't very D at that moment, if ya know what I mean) was asked by the neighbors to help drive a few T-posts in the ground for their fence for their new horse. Ok, no biggie. They didn't have a T-post driver and DH didn't mind helping..........

When DH got back, I asked him where he'd been. He told me. Not too long after that, here comes said neighbor riding a small sorrel gelding down the road. Enter new horse.

So, using the "Thinking side of my brain" I ask DH, "Are they using our fence line for one of theirs, or did they put up a new fence?"

DH replies "No, they put up a new fence".

Me "So our horses can't get to theirs?"

DH "Nope"

Satisfied that DH knew what he was talking about (he was over there helping, after all) the conversation ended and we headed out to dinner.

I'm sure he thought I was being a butt head with the questions......but I was worried about my horses. Our horses are nosey, imagine that. They get excited every time a trailer pulls into the driveway, horse trailer or otherwise. My filly even gets excited about flatbed trailers. She's odd, right?
And, not to mention potential owie's from playing over/through/under the fence....I have no idea if NEW HORSE is current on shots/negative coggins etc.....don't' want them playing over the fence.

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