Monday, May 16, 2011

Part II - Guys, we don't ask questions to be a PAIN in the Butt, really!

Sunday PM I go to feed Alduca. Now, we all know Alduca hasn't had the easiest time of it for the last few years. Bounced around from home to home, starved to near be saved by a lady who found my "Missing Horse" ads all over the Internet...... Just a quick re-cap for ya in case you forgot.

What do I find? Blood. Left Front pastern. Bleeding. Nasty cut. Run into the house, get gloves, antibiotic ointment, warm water, scrubby, and any other needed items to clean an owie...

The patient was none too happy during the scrubbing/cleaning process. He would jerk his leg every time I touched it with something. He got scolded a few times, and after about 10 mins, it was cleaned up, with meds applied. Go me!
Or so I thought.
I was gathering up my 'goodies' when he turned his hind end my direction. This is when I noticed the OTHER OWIE! Left hind cannon bone, just above his ankle. OK, so yeah....I started yelling at DH.
Another cleaning/scrubbing of this wound and a much less happy Duca. This one was a scrape with 2 little puncture wounds. EEK. I cleaned and medicated and gave the poor guy two grams of bute.

So, post 'operation' I walk my 'happy' self over to the fence that is near the new horse. What do I find? Damaged wire. HUmmmmmmm..imagine that. Looks like a horse got his leg through it....once, maybe twice. Hummmm, two Duca owies, damaged fence? Coincidence? I think not!

Now, I peer at the neighbors fence. OR LACK THERE OF! No fence on their side. Just ours.

DIDn'T I just ASK DH about that?

Fellas - lemme give you a bit of advice. When your OH/GF/SO (which ever cutesie term you use) asks you questions, she is not always trying to be a BiT#H. She has a VALID reason for the interrogation. Trust me. You may NOT always see the logic behind it, but trust me, IT'S THERE!
Take my questions to DH about the fence. Had his answer been "I don't know babe, let's go look" then look is what we would have done.
Had he said "they said they are putting up another fence line, but using ours for now" we would have immediately gone and put up hot wire on our side to help prevent 'friendly gestures' through/over the fence.
Had he said "I don't know" I WOULD HAVE FOUND OUT MYSELF.

Guys, next time your gal asks a question, and you don't know the answer. FESS up! It might save you some aggravation later!

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