Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a night! Errr, I mean Morning!

Have I mentioned that my Big, 80lb lap dog of a dog Tucker is a BIG baby when it comes to Thunderstorms? Well, if I haven't, he is. He hates them. He's torn up some things in the house, whines, pants, and just in general gets very worried and concerned.

Unbenounced to me, there were storms brewing when we went to bed last night. I, being wide awake was up for about 2 hours after my DH went to sleep. I woke up about 1:30 to heavy breathing, and a great deal of commotion in the bed. Keeping it 'G' rated people, get your minds outta the gutter. It was Tucker. He was upset.
I took a minute and listened and watched.......lightning, thunder, check. That's why Tucker is upset.
He settled down next to me and I commenced to rubbing his ears. Peetie was also upset, which was odd. To me, that was a dead give away that this was to be a pretty bad storm.
Grabbed the trusty phone and went to the radar on
It. Was. nasty. Orange and Red all over the place. Thunderstorm Watch till 9am, Thunderstorm warning till 2:30am. That quickly changed to 3am, and then 3:30am.

There were various loud bangs and booms outside. And, at one point, I was pretty sure we lost a good size limb on the back side of the house. One more thing to pick up later, right?

Tucker would calm down, and then get upset again. About 2:30 Peetie decided he wanted to go out. And he was serious. When I got close to the door, I heard a scratching noise. The dogs in the back? was coming from the front door.
What to my sleep deprived eyes did appear, but the little mouthy terrier that we were watching for our M.I.A. neighbor.
I hollered to DH. "Hannah is at the door, soaking we. Do you want me to let her in?"
"Yeah" he rasped....."just grab a towel and dry her off".
And that is what I did. She was sitting on the porch (uncovered, by the way) soaking wet, shivering, looking up at me.......poor doggie.

So, enter new doggie. She was super hyper. Running through the house at mach 9, banking off the furniture and if we'd had a rug it would have been in a heap from her using it as traction to get another running go.

I went to let Peetie in, and took the time to peek outside and see what was going on. Rain, lots of puddles, dark....very dark. Except when the lightning illuminated the sky.
The limb that fell? Nope, not in the back, it was in the front. And, just for fun, it was laying over the fence. Or....was it?
Ummmmmm fence? Where is the fence? Where is the horse??? Ohhhh lordy!
3AM and I've got to search for a horse and fix a fence? UGH!
"DH, GET UP! We need to find a horse and fix a fence!"
DH - mumble grumble......grrrrrr
Dressed, grabbed flashlight and out we went in to the dark, rainy night to locate the horse and fix the fence.
We found the horse. Still in his pasture, thank goodness. What a good boy, respectful of the fence even when it's down!
Fixed the front half of the fence. And walked the rest of the fence. AT 3AM!
Drudged through the puddles, the muck, the sink holes I found while walking the fence line.
Had another horse MIA.......Walked his pasture and found him. Thank goodness. :)

It's now about 3:45 and I get back inside. DH? Back in BED! What?? I was out walking fence checking critters and he went back inside after fence fixing. Yay. At least he helped move the limb and fix the fence, right?

Now, I'm not the type of person who does well going back to bed after I've woken up when I won't get a full nights sleep. about 4am when I needed up at 6? I got about an hours worth of sleep and was back at it.

It. Is. Going. To. Be. A. Long. LOng. LONG DAY!

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