Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it's here! yay!

Well, I can now cross off 1/2 of my first goal for 2012!

Very exciting!

My 'new' Tucker saddle arrived yesterday. It's going to be so nice to ride in, I can just tell.

Now, I just need all the extras to go with it.

A girth, I like this one and this one, will be a good place to start. I also really like this saddle pad, in creme/chocolate.

I am in need of a new bridle and reins, but do have a bit.

It's heck re-purchasing all the stuff you get rid of when you think you aren't going to ride anymore.

I am fortunate that my birthday is coming up, and my great friend Jen has already hit me up for some gift ideas. Thanks Jen, love ya! :)

Next on the 'to tackle' list before I can ride.....a PLACE to ride.

I'm not going to ride in a 'random' spot in the 'yard'. I don't feel that is safe for Casper, or myself. I want a designated area in which to ride, and in which I hope to keep the footing worked up on a regular basis.

So, stay tuned for "tales of arena building".......i hope to start......soon?

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