Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, it should not come as a shock to most people to learn I have a morning routine.
Yep, same thing......every morning!

THIS morning, my schedule got interrupted, and I got worried!

Get up, let the dogs out. - CHECK!
Let the dogs in, feed them. - CHECK!
Check Facebook and text messages, respond appropriately. - CHECK!
Get ready for work. - CHECK
Let the dogs out. - CHECK!
Let the dogs in before I leave. - CHECK!
Kiss the hubby and head to work. - CHECK!
Txt with my friend Jen on the way to work. - well...i tried..... And this is where my morning went awry.

Yes, I must admit that I txt while I drive. Moving right along.....

Jen and I chat most of my way to work. She's already at work as she has a crazy job that requires her to be at work insanely early.

I sent her a txt. No reply.
Hummmmm. Wonder what's up with that.
I wait a bit, and send her an email. Again, NO reply.
Hummmm, this isn't like Jen.
I double check am FB post from Jen..... OK, SUPER STRANGE!
I then turn up the radio as the daily "whats going on in the news" from the local Newspaper comes on.
No mention of an am accident.
I decide to check the website and see if there is a 'breaking news' story about an accident that might have been on Jen's way to work.
OK.....PANIC mode!
I txt her BF. "Hay, have you talked to Jen this am?"
as he replies with "yeah, she's got a busy am at work, meetings I think" then replies with an "I'm OK, I'm at work".

I had to concentrate on my breathing for a few minutes to get my heart rate back down to semi-normal.

I then relay to Jen all the crazy crap I'd done to try and find out why she wasn't replying and if she were hurt or not.
There was a minute or two there, I seriously thought about turning the car around and heading to her house to make sure she hadn't gotten hurt with her am feeding of the horses.
I then rationalized that the thing to do would be txt the BF, and if he hadn't talked to her, then I'd go into full panic mode and head to her place.

Well, fortunately for me the BF had talked to my friend, and saved the day by replying to my message.

So, folks, think twice about breaking your AM might just throw someone into a panic!!!
And what did Jen learn today? She's Lubbed, lots! :)

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