Friday, May 31, 2013

5/29 - Day 1

I didn't expect any funny business today.
I collected Cas from his pasture, groomed him and wrapped his legs. I didn't plan on anything strenuous, but when do horses listen to the plans of humans?
Decked out in his knotted nose band halter and polos out to the arena we went.
The event was as uneventful as I hoped. 5 mins walk one way followed by a few circles of trot, repeat  on the other side and we were done. He was very sticky changing directions on the end of the line, but he hasn't done this in forever so I'm cutting him some slack. I'd say he's gotten a bit stuff
Over the last few years, but maybe that will change with some work. Then again, I might have to up his joint supplement in his smart pak!

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