Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And so, it begins!

I even have the band-aid covered blisters to prove it!!! Ha!

No, I was not lunging a horse to have the line ripped through my tender paws taking layers of skin with it. My hands fell prey to the wrath of a garden rake and lots of limbs/sticks. I've spent about 4 hours over the past 2 days cleaning a small 'arena' in which to ride Casper in the front paddock/pasture.
It is nothing fancy, so don't get too excited. I walked it, and it appears to be about 40 feet by 40 feet. It is pretty square. What started out as an "ill just go pick up the limbs/sticks" adventure turned into an all out 'cleaning' of that section of the pasture. There were many more little sticks/twigs that Cas shouldn't step on than I thought. So, away went the ideas of just picking stuff up by hand and out came the rake.

3 bandage changes later the area is finally clean. DH just needs to move 2 piles of chopped wood back about 2 feet, and then break out the box blade to level it up a bit. It is suitable to lunge him, as I plan on doing the next few days. But once I get on and start riding, it should probably be a bit more level.
The footing will be nothing fancy, just the dirt that is in the pasture. If we keep this up, might get a load of sand or two dumped in there and let DH play with the tractor some more. But for now, to get started, it'll be great! Better than I've had since we moved to our current home. Correction, MORE than I've had since we moved to our new home!

So, these are a bit blurry, but you get the idea!!

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