Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back to work, Fatty!

Poor Casper, he has no idea what is about to happen! He hasn't had to work since he got back from the trainer's. Honestly, I can't even remember when that was. I'd have to go look back through this blog and figure it out.

As you learned in my prior post, I have a place to ride! Yay!!! *insert happy dance here*
So, Fatty (Casper's nickname) will be going back to work. Starting tonight, he will get a nice lunge. Going to jot down a little training program really quick so that I can be reminded if I forget! Going to give him at least a week on the line before I start riding. And when I start riding, keep in mind it will be nothing major! We will be walking and jogging. Cas has a hang up on loping. He doesn't really like it all that much. Call it lazy, call it his ability to get out of work, call it whatever you want. We will be taking it nice and slow! Poor old man, he thought he was retired! HA!

5/29 - 5 min walk each direction, with about 2 circles of jog/trot each way
5/30 - 5 min walk/2-3 circles of trot each way
5/31 - 7.5 mins walk/ 2.5 mins of trot each way
6/1 - 7.5 mins walk/2.5 mins trot each way
6/2  - DAY OFF
6/3 - 7.5 mins walk/3 mins trot each way
6/4 -  7.5 mins walk/5 mins trot each way
6/5 - 7.5 mins walk/5 mins trot each way
6/6 - day off
6/7 - 5 mins walk/5 mins trot - First day ride?

Feel free to make constructive comments/suggestions. Obviously, we will have to see how things go. If he's getting too tired, I'll back off. If he's handling his re-introduction to work well, I may go a bit longer. I won't be expecting him to go on a 20 mile trail ride anytime soon, that's for sure!!!

Short term goal - Back in shape enough so we can ride for 30/45 mins
Long term goal - Trail Ride at BRC with Jen and an Open Show

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