Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Have oils, will travel!!

          So recently (like this past weekend) I got to go on a weekend away with a super cool friend. We went to Austin for the weekend and kept it really weird! :) Austin, sweet Austin. How I love your cooler weather, decreased humidity, strange folk and mellow vibe! We get along well, Austin and I, and I wish I could go more often!

            This trip was my FIRST trip since I became an oil junkie! (see oil junkie; noun; person who can not go an extended length of time without the use of oils in some way, shape or form. Also see addict)  So, as you can imagine I was a bit worried about how to travel with my oils. Which oils to take? How to transport them? To leave them in the room or take with me all the time? So many questions!!! Hopefully, by sharing what worked for me you may find some tips and tricks that will work for you too!

My Travel Oils
          1 - What to take?
                       This was tough! I have probably close to 30 different oils at the house right now. I don't use them all on a regular basis, but I wanted to take enough that I could deal with things that I thought may come up on my weekend adventure. So, what did I take??

Stress away, Joy, Cedarwood, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Tea Tree.

Stress Away and Joy because my trip was supposed to be fun and relaxing. I wasn't going to let anything stop that from happening.

Cedarwood and Lavender to support all of  the systems the help run my body because I wasn't sure if I would have trouble sleeping. With my crazy work schedule and sleeping in a new, strange place I wanted to be prepared.

Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint to support my respiratory system! Being in Austin, I wasn't sure what funky things wold be in the air and I wasn't taking any chances of those funky things ruining my weekend!

Tea Tree because, well, I love the smell and I'm using it for skin care support right now!

Pencil Bag turned Oil Carrier!
         2 - What to take it in?
                      I don't have any of the fancy cases (yet) that are offered by a variety of companies. While I thought about buying one, it was too late to get it in time for my trip. I looked around my house to see what I could possibly turn into an oil carrier. It had to be on the smallish side, I wasn't taking all my oils! It had to be about the height of the 15mL bottle. Much bigger than that and it would allow the bottles to topple over. Viola! I found this! A cheap pencil bag I bought a few years back at the dollar store! It was perfect! My 5 big and 2 little bottles fit perfectly!! I was set! Yes!  I stowed this handy dandy little bag inside my big bag that served as my suitcase. Making sure to keep it rigth side up, and between things so it wouldn't fall over and my prescious oils wouldn't leak all over!

         3 - Leave them in the room or take them with me?
                       I have a 31 bag that I carry around with me in my vehicle. It is my purse substitute. I keep the things I need in it, and take them out and with me as needed. I try not to carry around a purse. I've just never been a purse girl. I'll take my wallet into stores and such as needed, and then chunk it back in my bag. Most of the time, I applied my oils in the morning and let them safe in my room. One day I did take them with me, when it was cool out, and left them shaded in the bag in my truck. Worked out well.

          Traveling with my oils was easier than I thought!  I didn't need an expensive oil carrier to accomplish my goal of traveling with some of my oils. I think it helped that I only brought that ones I thought I'd need. I do wish that I'd traveled with a small diffuser, to use in my room at night. With the weather being so nice last weekend in Austin, we didn't run the AC! We slept with the windows open! I tried putting a few drops of Stress Away on a cottonball and setting next to the bedside table. That didn't seem to work too well. But other than that, I wouldn't change a thing!

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