Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lemon! Who knew?

Hey y'all!! Thought I'd type out this informative little post really quick before I head off to our make and take event tonight. What is a make and take? It is a fun little event we host monthly that allows people to try oils! Sounds fun, right? It really is! Tonight we are doing a Halloween theme, and our containers for the items to be taken home in are tooooo cute!!! I'll come back and post a picture
later. Anyway, on to the reason for my blog post today.......

            So, for this particular event I was in charge of one of the containers. Frankenstine! I picked up the perfect green paint, already had my repurposed Starbucks jars cleaned and ready to roll, and I was good to go! Laid out some cardboard on the outside table to keep it from turning green, and away I went. Sprayed those suckers down in about 5 mins and went back in the house. I planned on leaving them out to dry for at least 2 hours. The can of spray paint said 2-4 hours until they were dry to the touch. I popped my head out the back door after about 30 minutes had gone by, just to check on the jars. It was a bit windy outside but I didn't think it was windy enough to knock the jars over. Well y'all, it wasn't the wind I should have been worried about, it was my husband's chickens!!! Yes, my husband has a small herd of chickens, about 25ish hens and 4 roosters. Those stupid buggers had gotten up on the table and knocked all my jars over! TWO were on the ground, and the rest managed to stay on the table. I ran down the steps yelling at them and waving my hands to scare them off. Ugh, I seriously dislike chickens, and this little escapade didn't help me in the chicken love department. The two jars on the ground had sticks, dirt, grass and feathers all over them. The other 5 that remained on the table had a spot or two where the paint had been rubbed off, but were fine otherwise. So, two at a time I carry the jars inside and set them upside down on our small freezer. As you can imagine, wet paint plus a trip inside equals paint all over my finger tips. Even though I was as careful as possible in my chicken induced rage, I still managed to go paint on my hands.

            So, this led to another problem. How to get the paint off my fingers. I knew water wouldn't work. This was outdoor type paint, Rustoleum, I think. I could hear my husband's voice in my head saying there are cans in the back yard with gas and diesel in them, that'll take the paint off! Gross! I don't want to put that stuff on me! I don't want to smell like gas or diesel either! Then, I had a lightbulb moment! I remembered that, a while back, I used Lemon oil to get some gunk off one of my apples. I wondered if it would work on the Frankenstein green paint that was now dried onto my fingertips? Well, I knew that if I didn't work, no harm would be done. So, I reached for my bottle of Lemon oil and dropped a drop on one of the paint spots and rubbed. Y'all, it worked like a charm! One drop on each spot, run it around, and wipe with a paper towel. That simple! No harsh, harmful chemicals on my hands to remove it, and my hands smelled great! That is a win, win!

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