Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hump day

Well it's WEDNESDAY...yeah? BORING! Work is pretty dull this week. I've been helping one of my 4-H kiddos get her first horse. Lemme explain since I have nothing better to yak about!
She is in no position to be buying a horse. She JUST got her first job, her parents are NO help, and she wants to go to college next year. DOESN'T need to buy a horse, as the responsibility it will entail in the future. SO, a friend of mine has a very nice older gelding that she 'wants' to sell. She does NOT want to sell, but has bought another horse and can't afford all 3. So, I've arranged a lease of the older gelding that the friend doesn't need, but doesn't want to sell. Kiddo will have 100 % access to the horse, and pay it's monthly bills. It will be just like owning a horse, she just won't have to cough up the $3,000.00 to buy him. Pretty cool huh? She's very excited, and I hope that this horse is able to teach her a lot! Cross Ur fingers!

Trudging along at the horse show thing. A guy from the rodeo association we dealt with last year called this morning with another potential date for us to have it. I haven't gotten all the info from everyone yet in order to make an appropriate decision...but am working on it.

Got the OK for the Riding Therapy Center to 'co host' the event with us. Threw at them the question of covered arena with not 100% best footing, or uncovered arena with good footing. I will be talking with them this evening, so will keep updates on that coming! :)

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