Monday, February 23, 2009

Got ur motor runnin for a wild weekend! :)

YEAH, RIGHT! There are not many wild weekends at our place. When there is it usually consists of a horse show, or judging contest for the kiddos.
Let me back up to a Thursday update. Robert did WELL on his test!! YEAH! Not sure it's going to be enough to get him to the mid-term. He has a test this Friday which will be the deciding factor. SO, keep the prayers coming and the fingers crossed!
Friday afternoon I left work EARLY and met Robert in Edna and we signed papers on our house....not sure if we are excited or terrified! Robert didn't have to go into 'school' until 6 pm, they did 'mock calls'. Set up 'stations' at the college where the cadets had to go get information from 'crime scenes'. He said it was fun!
Saturday went over to J's house with one of the 4-H kiddos and helped her with her ponies. Ransom was a SAINT (I love him). Romeo, old reliable however was less than saintly and got the 'big spurs' and the training fork as he was being very BAD!! Trying to convince kiddo horse ownership isn't a good option for her right now.
Then we ran to Richmond to visit some friends, in the RAIN!
Sunday am got up EARLY and met Mary G. in Edna to hand off T-Bone, our handicapped dog. She loves him and can offer him way more than we can. She's going to see if she can get him some help. We are in the middle of no where and don't have access to the best vets around. Then went to church to watch a friend sing a solo in her church choir. All I can say is GLAD it's her not me because I can NOT sing, and she sings very well! :) Kudos!
After church we all went to lunch, good times!! :)
THEN, took the kiddo to another friend's house to let her ride a well finished, well trained horse to show her what she does need to look for if she insists she does need a horse. She loved him, had a great time, and looked VERY good up on his back. :)
Have a GREAT day! :)


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