Friday, February 13, 2009

Catch up...or Ketchup?

Anyway.... Did go visit the Harley Monster Last weekend. He's getting big...growing out, but not as much UP yet as I was hoping. He is only 3, in April, so he does have a bit longer to go. I'm told that Skys Blue Boy offspring are notorious for hitting a growth spurt around the age of 4, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that my Harley is no different! Harley lives at Nelson Training Center, under the watchful eye of Mary and Barry Nelson in San Marcos, Texas. They offer boarding, training, lessons, and Mary teaches the TSU Equestrian Team. Will post Harley photos next week as I don't have the thingy that attaches to the camera to transfer from camera to computer, sorry! He was SUPPOSED to be being started under saddle buy a guy that Mary knows and trusts, but a week after Harley went to him another horse fell over on top of him, and broke his foot. Harley is back at Mary's waiting for his (the trainers) foot to heel, and then he'll go back for those "30 days" under saddle. Then, Mary will start riding him 3 or 4 days a week...and we will see what we've got! Keep your fingers and toes crossed everyone!

Robert is doing a bit better in school. Some of the 'stuff' is starting to sink in he says. We are all pulling for him.

Looks like we will be signing papers on our property in about 2 weeks. Gave the owner the go ahead this week and it should be about another 2 weeks for the title company to get the 'crap' together. YEAH! Not sure if we are excited, or terrified!

Off on Monday for Presidents day....YEAH, long weekend!

One of the last 2 'houla pups got adopted today! Jamboree flew out of Houston this morning for California. She was nervous and upset last night when I left her with Mary, our transport angel in Houston. She's been a doll, taking the pups to the airport in the morning for us. We couldn't do it with out her! :)

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