Thursday, February 19, 2009

All things Bah Humbug

The week started off GREAT! Who doesn't enjoy a long weekend, right? I sure do! Back at it on Tuesday, with 4-H meeting followed by CCYRA Horse Show 'committee' Meeting in the evening. work was ok, 4-H meeting great as the kiddos always have a great time. CCYRA meeting NOT so great. Kids and I were 'not included' in the little CCYRA meeting circle, which one of the kiddos pointed out to me. I told her not to worry when they needed my info I'd answer their questions. Meeting didn't get us anywhere, other then me in not so many words getting called a liar, and the CCYRA deciding there is too much going on at the arena to have our show scheduled in the same vicinity. They'd prefer we have on in the summer (when we are battling the heat) or the winter (when we'd normally be battling rain). Did I mention the arena is NOT covered? I will NOT bore you with a blow by blow description of the negativity that was sent our way, but suffice it to say that I went home Tuesday night, calling all the kiddos and giving them kudos for acting more adult than most of the adults at the meeting. They are as protective of me as I am of them, and wanted to do not so kind things to the 'evil' people at the meeting. I also went through all my records from same show last year and produced copies of income/expense report to the president of CCYRA as they are saying that we don't have as much money left as we thought. We will see what happens. All the kids want to do is have a horse show for cryin out loud! Don't be mean to my kids.....or I turn into mean momma bear. At this point we are looking at other venues and avenues to take our show down. We will press on, and we WILL have a show before my 2 seniors 'move on' to bigger and better things. :)

Have to give a shot out to "jennifer j." who called last night elated that she was comfortable enough to walk and trot her new horse in the arena with out anyone there to 'babysit' as she puts it, and with out someone holding the lunge line attached to his bridle. HORRAH for you!! :) Keep it up!!!

Everyone reading please say a prayer and cross fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms, hair follicles, anything that can be crossed because my husband takes his 2nd Police Academy Test at 1pm and he HAS to do well! :) Thanks!

I think that's all the news thats fit to print for now, and some that probably wasn't but I've gotta VENT! :)

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