Monday, February 2, 2009

Wild and Wooly weekend?

Not really! We don't tend to have too many of those at our place!

Spent Saturday on the road trimming and shoeing our client’s horses. It was our "Goliad/ Cuero" trip. Most people were out for the day...thankfully they have good horses, and don't mind leaving money in feed tub! :) Robert spent every spare second studying....he's feeling better about school.

Sunday....caught up on some chores around the house....and then went to torture a friend and her horse! It was most fun! A look of pure terror came across her face when she realized she was going to walk AND TROT off the lunge line around the arena! SHE LIVED, amazingly, and seemed to have a good time once she realized that her pony wasn't going to pitch her over his ears. THANK GOD because he's a BIG BOY and that would be a LONG WAY DOWN! :) SMILE, I know you're reading this!

I must confess that I've been a little stressed lately with all the "things" that we have going on. UP early, get Robert off to school, take care of critters, go to work, get home, take care of critters, cook dinner, attempt to leave the house a bit cleaner than it was when I got home, play with critters, shower, help Robert study and attempt to get to bed at a semi-decent hour....YIKES! I have discovered a little tool that is making my life a WHOLE lot easier and suggest it to ANYONE that is looking to simplify a thing or two in their life......introducing the Crock Pot!! I know, some of you have heard of this wonderful invention, and YES, some of you may even use it! BUT, I'm just totally blown AWAY every night I come home and DINNER is already done! I LOVE THIS THING! Throw a bunch of stuff in, turn it on and return home about 8-9 hours later and you have a HOT, home cooked meal ready to eat! It beats the hell out of Mc Donald’s and Sonic on the way home every night because as I get close to home I'm going through the list of crap I need to get done before 10pm so I can get to bed and COOKING DINNER just doesn't fit into my schedule! the AMAZING GENIUS that created this dinner-cooking-with-out-me-standing-over-the-stove-machine BLESS YOU!!

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  1. What's what Momma told me?! Oh yeah...
    Everybody likes a little arse, but nobody likes a smartarse. :)

    My recap of the trot on the rail is so similar, but yet different... ;) *smirk*