Thursday, October 8, 2009

2nd overnight at new job.....snore....

Ok..... I had to replace the first set of tooth picks holding my upper eye lids up with fresh new ones....first set snapped under pressure!
I can finally see to post again.

Briefly..... yawn.....

Worked over night again last night at part time "support my showing habit" job.

Prior to that I was up at 6:30 am yesterday (Wednesday) am, worked all day at 'regular job'. Got home after short (LOL, it was almost an hour) detour at new clients place one road over from us. Arrived home to find that doggies needed out badly! Poor Cheyenne was in the back of her kennel with hind legs crossed going "I've gotta peeeeee!" Not really, but you get that idea!
Let the critters out, woofed down a bowl of in bed with Tucker, and tried to sleep.
Just about the time I was dozing off....slam (car door). Slam, Slam (more car doors?) Surely Robert wasn't opening and closing every door of the truck upon his arrival home? - SIDE NOTE, HE DIDn'T have SCHOOL LAST NIGH OR TONIGHT - TEACHER OUT OF TOWN. So, I left him at new clients house to chit chat. Next thing I know I see lights, bright lights.....
WTF? I leapt out of bed and looked out the window (windur if ur in the south) and there were at least 3 vehicles next door, and DH's truck parked at end of drive. Tucker started to growl, and bark....and it was all down hill from there. SO, NO nap last night before 'getting up' at 9:30 to get ready to go to part time over night job.
Let's recap - Up at 6:30 am Wednesday, no nap in PM, off to other job till 7am, then head to 'day job' until 5pm (which will NEVER GET HERE, I think the Grinch has stopped the clock).
So, you can say I'm one pooped puppy!

Oh, and tonight, BEFORE going straight home and going to bed I must make a cameo appearance at a friend's B-Day party to drop of gift and grab some dinner. That it's HOME and BED for me! If it's anything like Tuesday night was after this same experience, I will sleep soundly like a babeee and not wake till the alarm goes off in the am.
Cheers to all, have a good afternoon/evening!

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  1. Oh my!! The things we do to get $$$ for the horse shows :) If I could take a nap for you and send you the Zzzzz's I would!

    I hope you sleep well tonight!