Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Act badly and get.....your own TV show

and a new football contract.

I'm going to guess you have NO idea what I'm talking about, right? RIGHT!

Michael Vick....the one and only dog fighter extraordinaire is getting, in addition to his new football contract with my now LEAST FAVORITE NFL TEAM the Philadelphia Eagles (I have been an eagles fan for years...till now! Go Steelers!) he's getting his own REALITY SHOW!!
Why doesn't he take some of that 1.6 MILLION he's getting for his first year and put it to good use helping rehab all those dogs he abused!

Reality? You want to talk about REALITY? Why don't we talk about the 66 dogs that were RESCUED from Vick's property. The life those dogs had to lead until April 25, 2007 when Police and animal-control officers seize 66 dogs (53 pit bulls) was terrible. Worse, I'd imagine than any of us will ever know.

Now, in addition to his MULTI MILLION DOLLAR (over 5 mill for 2 years) he'll be making a large profit off his reality show.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel he should really step up and give back to the rescue groups that have take in his dogs, and do something to end dog fighting here in the US.

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  1. Oh Honey.. He won't, and you know it. In his tiny mind, he's paid his debt to society by doing prison time and paying fines.
    This absolves him of all mature responsibility for his past actions. Just ask him, I'm sure he'll confirm. *wink*
    Go Steelers!