Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And..while I'm stiring the pot

And, I'll put my two cents (not sense) in about the home-schooling debate as well.
I have given SERIOUS thought to homeschooling when my husband and I have kids.
I've talk to one too many 'overworked/underpaid' teachers who are sick of having to 'teach to the test' (I'm speaking of the TAKS) as opposed to teaching for learning and what will best prepare the kids for the future.

There are, IMHO too many children in the classes for them to get enough out of the experience. You have the kids in the class that goof off, disrupt class, and the teacher has to spend 1/2 the class period asking little "Johnny" to stop doing what ever he is doing that is disruptive. Then, you have the highly intelligent kids who always have the answer, and I speak from experience when I say that those who don't catch on to a particular subject matter as quickly don't feel comfortable answering questions because the "genius" of the class knows the answer and will make you feel "stupid" if you get it wrong.

One of the posts on the blogs that are talking about this now, Hunter In Training, The Milkman's Wife, My Sister's Farm House, mentioned something about homeschooling when the kids are young and then putting them in public school when they are Jr/High school. I have seen this first hand, and feel terrible for the kids it happened to. Good friends of my ex and I home schooled their children until one was in 8th and one was in 6th grades. They appeared to be well rounded, well educated children who were highly aware of right from wrong. What happened when those kids went to public school shocked the heck out of me. the older one was a girl, and she started being very rebellious, developed a smart moth, and lack of respect for herself, and her elders. She said it was because "that's what all my new friends do". The younger of the two, the boy didn't have quite as dramatic of a reaction, but it was close. IMHO if you are homeschooling to prevent your children from the "horrors of public school" and are going to allow them to take part in some of the public school experience and home school the rest you would allow them in public school when they are in Pre-K, Kindergarten, etc when they play with clay and blocks, and finger paint, and then bring them back to your hopefully structured curriculum when they are older. Just my thoughts folks.

I feel when you take on the JOB (and yes, it is a job) of home-schooling you have to work harder than parents in public school to make sure your child is well rounded. In public school they interact with different types of people, and partake in different activities in one location. Home school parents have to put forth a bit more effort to get their kids out and interact with others and get involved in activities so they DON'T become the sheltered hermit that can NOT live as a productive member of society.

Do I believe that is a right and wrong answer here, NO! You decide what works for your schedule and your children. I believe that there are just as many pros and cons for everyone on either side. But PLEASE don't criticise someone just because "they home school" or they "send their kids to public school".

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  1. There isn't really a right or wrong solution. It's to each his own. Given that it was a public debate up again, I figured I'd comment.

    More stunning to me is the outrage at some for the opinions of others. The discussion quickly went from homeschool/private/public straight to political views. It's quite possible to be a religious Liberal, just like it's possible to be a Christian and choose public education. Doesn't make any one person less "true" or "honest".