Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alduca is here.....skinny, but here

Alduca arrived Saturday around 4pm. He was tired, spent. It's a long trip from Hastings, Florida to Edna, Texas! Poor boy! 1,020 miles, plus a little for door to door pick up/delivery!

I think he lost most of the weight on the trip that Aimee had managed to get on him. Not surprising! That's a tough, stressful trip for any horse. Let alone a horse that's about 700 lbs underweight!

Here are some photos that I took Monday AM.

excuse the terrible photos! My camera would not adjust from the cold house to the hot and muggy outside temps quick enough! I had to leave for work!

Not the most flattering photo, I know....but it shows his total lack of muscle tone and weight on his hind end.


  1. Poor boy. Good luck with getting him back to weight. :)

  2. He is a bit skinny, but hopefully he will put that weight back on quickly! Fawkes was almost that skinny when we took him in, I used corn oil in his feed to help add calories without making him crazy from grain.