Friday, July 23, 2010

And the flood gates open.....AGAIN!

OK folks.....we've had serious rain on and off for the last month and a half! We got our land cleared and have been trying to build fence. NOT easy when your place is FLOODED!
We got the front poles in, and it rained. Rained more before we got the next line of posts in. Rained some more while we were clearing the back fence line. Rained some more while we were putting in the left side posts.......this is over the course of a few weeks, as we are doing ourselves, with the help of 2 friends.
Well, it rained Wednesday, and ALL DAY yesterday I think a little cell camped out over our house because when I got home it was FLOODED!!! Standing water over about 3/4 of our property. So much for finishing the fence on Saturday :(
It continued to rain off and on last night, and was still sprinkling this morning.
UGH, is it ever going to stop?
Last summer we were in a huge drought. This year....not so much.
Danged if we do, danged if we don't!

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