Thursday, July 15, 2010


Alduca left Florida about 20 mins are some pics!

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  1. Thanks for the info. in the e-mail Jen! It was definitely helpful and informative! Ummm. I don't think I'm on the A list of folks with money to be affording a box stall! We'll be like you and go business class! I already wasn't going to put shipping boots on him, another blogger said that the shippers hate them for the same reason you mentioned! SEE! I'm glad I asked you all! As for the electrolytes and the Gastro
    Guard, thanks for that. Was going to do it right before he leaves, would have never thought to start it a few days before. I sorta have my doubts as to whether they would actually do it en route... I did get quotes anywhere from $545-800 for the move (I have 5-7 so far!). Haven't decided on any one company yet. Looking into the different reps. Did you have to get a Pyroplasmosis test to come back into Texas? I know you have to have one to take your horse into Florida from Tx. I imagine that test is also 10 days in advance and no more either just like your vet check? Maybe not. Have to ask ze vet again. Turnaround time to get it back alone has to be longer than 10 days! Hope your boy has arrived and is well! My uncle has a race horse (TB's) farm in St. Augustine, maybe you bought one of his! :) Let us know how your boy is doing! 19? Ain't nuttin' wrong with 19! My friend's TB was 24 and we would race her, jump her and just have lots of fun! I miss my Chessie (short for Chesapeake--we lived in the DC/VA/MD area) girl! Duckie is a really cute name! You can call him "The Duck, Duckers (my personal fave as a fan of the movie of Pretty in Pink!) or the DuckMeister, along with all those nicknames they seem to pick up!
    YAY! Post a pic!