Wednesday, July 28, 2010

that HURTS!

Well, i sure did it! I messed up my back on Tuesday night while I was feeding Alduca.
I bent over to pick up 2 flakes of hay (note, 2 flakes, NOT 2 BALES) and I didn't think I was going to be able to stand up. I pressed through the pain and stood up and fed the Duke and took some pictures.
I then went in the house, took some Tylenol, and had DH rub some liniment on my back and took it easy for the evening.
Woke up this morning and was in PAIN!!!!!! It was TERRIBLE! I couldn't move without a sharp, shooting pain in my lower back. There was a constant dull pain...which was tolerable. But that sharp pain was unbearable...and I can tolerate pain!

Got on the Internet and looked for Chiro numbers in my town.....found 2. Called at 8am on my way to work.
The nice lady that answered the phone said "yes, I can get you in at 8:45" Ohhhh yes! Thank goodness!!! Maybe I won't be in pain all day!

Ran to the office to start my computer and do a couple things then off to the CHiro!
Initial exam....OUCH doc, it hurts there..... (GOT BROWNIE POINTS for coming in the morning after injury....not waiting weeks like a lot of people do. The quicker you can fix this type of thing the better apparently)
ok...yep, you hurt yourself! (NO KIDDING)
Ok, have have injured your sacral-iliac joint...or your SI joint. Very common in woman, very painful. We are going to hook you up to a tens unit to fatigue your muscles, then we are going to turn you into a pretzel and get your back back into shape.
That didn't sound like an enjoyable process to me....but the pain was terrible and I was game for anything at this point.

The electro-muscle-fatiguing stuff was.....interesting. It felt like little fingers on my back where the patches were placed......interesting. It was good, and bad.....but some of the pain was gone when I stood up from this treatment.
Back into the Doc's 'room' I went. I will not refer to this room as 'the room of torture'.
Having never been to the chiro except for a neck issue (long story about a fall from a horse that led to me walking around with my head/neck cocked to the right, but that' s a whole nother story) I had NO IDEA what was in store for me.
I stood in front of a table that laid me was sooo cool! Stood on this 'platform' and the table was then tilted forward and viola, I was laying down. Doc says "you can I thought that was a good thing......until.....snap crackle pop rice crispies went my upper back! What the heck? That part doesn't hurt! 'Have to get everything back in proper alignment'
OK DOC, if you say so! The pain was short lived. Just while it all went snap crackle pop...then it was over and I felt good.....
onto the lower back....
moved to another table where I had to lay down on my side....first I laid on my right side, so he could fix the left joint which is where the PAIN was......had to keep right leg straight.....bend left at hip and knee......and i SWEAR he jumped up and down on my leg HOLLY PAIN! OUCH!!!
Repeat on the other side......

At the end of the session i can say I did feel better! The shooting pain was gone. Ye haw Doc! Way to go!
Follow up appointment on Friday.....will see how that goes!


  1. SO glad you were able to get rid of the pain!!!and that you were proactive and got treated right away :)
    Honestly, chiro docs scare me a bit, all that twisting and popping, yikes.

    Did he give any indication why picking up 2 flakes of hay caused that much pain??? were you just twisted funny or what?

  2. Steph,

    Oh yeah, I was being 'lazy' when I bent down to pick up the hay and bent from and angle rather than moving my toosh over about 2 steps and bending down right in front of the hay. It wasn't what I picked up, it was the way I did. it!

    Looking forward to your Dressage Today Magazine Give Away!

    Hugs to you and Fawkes!

  3. OMG... I don't even want to THINK about back pain.. Not after completely misplacing ALL of last week due to the freaking drugs for mine..... gah

    Keep feeling better and don't get lazy again ;)