Friday, June 14, 2013

6/13 - Attitude

I really could have just sat in the chair, and waited for DH to get home. I could have waited, and made him feed......or I could have just gone to bed. But a little 'bird' chirped a text to me, telling me to have a good ride. Now, how could I be lazy and stay inside after that?

Ugh. I mustered up what little energy I had left, and went out to get Cas ready. With my lateness in getting out the door, I didn't start to lunge him until 6:40am. Much later than the usual 6:10-6:15. He ran around a bit on the end of the line once asked to canter, but slowed down after he realized that was just TOO much work!

DH jumped on the tractor when he got home and made a few passes around the arena with the drag, and hung around to watch the ride. Since it was a bit warmer than it had been, I only planned on walking Cas in the arena. I also planned on lots of direction changes, circles, serpentines, etc to keep it interesting.

The plan was fine and good, until Cas got a case of the "I don't want tos". After I mounted, I did some neck stretches each direction. He's a good boy about NOT taking off the minute I get on, and I want to keep it that way. The neck flexes/stretches give me something productive to do with him while we are standing there waiting a while. After about 10-12 each way, I asked him to walk off. He balked, and started to back up. At one point, it felt like he kicked out. I took into consideration that Hannah (our neighbors JRT) was standing near his backside, and he's fairly anti dog. I chalked it up to her being there, and DH grabbed him and pushed him forward to the arena. No big deal.

Once in the arena, however, he decided he wasn't going to walk. Then he wasn't going to turn. Then he wasn't going to trot. Butt head! So, he got lots of direction changes, lots of stop and go, and some trotting. He also got some pretty good thumps on his side with he calves/heels. Silly horse! He's testing me, I know this.

After the issues, he worked for about an hour. He was pretty sweaty and gross when we were done. DH even helped me hose him off, which was nice.

I was a little anxious about our next ride, hoping the attitude of today's ride didn't carry over........

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