Saturday, June 1, 2013

80/20 - Day 4 - 6/1

No horse is perfect, this we know! So, do I expect 100/0 every day? No way!!
Cas was good today. His first directional transition was yuck, but he quickly pulled his head out of his rumpus and made up for it with the rest of them.
He first walked 7.5 mins to the right, and then changed direction. Then 7.5 minutes to the left, and ask for the trot. He was good! Right into it, no problem. A little short strided an stiff, but he worked out of it. Then he walked, and cantered 2 circles, walked, and cantered
One circle. Change directions.....
And it was off to the races!! Yeeeehawwwww buddy!! Multiple attempts to slow his gait lead to 0 success so he worked harder and until mom said so. Pushed him about 2 circles after he wanted to break gait and then he trotted and walked. Asked him to pick up the canter again and Gentleman Cas was back!! Cantered another circle, then trot two and then walk. Total work from start to this point, about 30 mins. About 10 mins longer than I wanted, but it is what it is.
Walked him out for another 10, tied him up and pulled his wraps. Rinsed him off and he is standing tied to the tree as I type this drying and cooling and learning patience. About 10 more mins as he can have breakfast.
Cas has the day off tomorrow, then back at it Moday with the saddle on.

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