Monday, June 3, 2013

H - O - T - !!! Day 6 - 6/3

I had every intention of saddling Cas this evening. I really did! But when it was 93 degrees at 7pm, I just couldn't bring myself to torture my Pony. So, he got a nice lunge sans saddle! It is supposed to be 70 at 6 am, so I think I'll get his lunge in for tomorrow in the morning, and saddle him as well.

Tried to mix things up tonight instead of just the same boring around and around in a circle.
Started Cas off right, and walked for bout 3.5 mins. Direction change and go left. This was the first change and it was very sticky. He wasn't paying attention to me at all. 3.5 mins of walking this was and I asked for a direction change. Cas couldn't have given me a nicer, more smooth and fluid change if he tried. It was perfect!  3.5 mins more walk right, and then I asked for the trot. He looked really good this way. Nice and relaxed, and he only broke to the walk once. 5 mins of trotting and I asked or a change again. Not as stellar as the earlier one, but it was fine and he was headed left. 3.5 mins walking this way, and then I asked for the trot. His trot was fine this way. For some reason I feel he looks a tad stiff behind going left, but it is probably my imagination.  5 mins of trot left and then I asked for a walk. Direction change again, and he is headed right. I let him walk a few laps, an then asked for a trot followed by a canter. He got in about 3 good circles and broke just before I was about to ask for him to trot, so back to the canter he went for another 3 circles and then down to the trot for about a circle and a half and then the walk. Direction change and he is headed left. Same as the other side, a few walk circles, then trot and up into the canter. He isn't as balanced this way it seems. He rushes into it and seems to really get heavy on the forehand. He gave 3 or 4 circles before I asked for the trot, 2 circles there and then down to the walk. I have him about 5 mins of walk this was, and then another direction change. Headed right I gave him about another 5 mins of walk to cool down and asked him to stop. Whoa is something he is very good at! He stops on a dime, turns slightly into the circle and stands there. I love that!!

I do need to add that before the starts on the line, I do about 2-3 mins flexing from side to side, loosening up his neck and getting him to give. I have noticed that this has made him light when I ask him to back up! I am interested to see how this helps him under saddle.

Can't wait to ride later this weekend!!

You'll have to excuse any typos, I'm mostly posting from my phone and the screen is tiny! I check it when I get to a computer,  for errors, so hang in there with me!

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