Tuesday, June 4, 2013

dun, dun, dun!!! Day 7 - 6/4

And, as promised, I saddled Cas today!!!  The weather this am was MUCH,  I mean MUCHO cooler. Amazing how different AM and PM are here. Sheesh!

I snagged Cas, and got him ready as usual. Except instead of heading right to the 'arena' after he got his polos on, I threw a saddle pad on his back. If looks could kill, I'd be dead because the go to he*l look that horse gave me was pure EVIL I tell ya! He knew something was up. It wasn't going to be like the other days!  I swung my Tucker saddle up onto his back, and  I SWEAR he grew 10 hands instantaneously! It was the darndest thing. I couldn't believe it. I'm thinking of trading him in for a shorter model now. Something just as stocky, but oh, maybe 14.2 hands? Shorter even? Just kidding, I love him dearly, I just apparently forgot how freaking tall he is!

Saddled and ready to go, we mosey on to the arena. I mean, slugs move faster than we did. Cas was obviously not impressed with his new attire.
However, impressed or not, he impressed me with his amazing behavior. I was expecting at least a little kick up, something! Not a peep. He didn't step a foot wrong. He didn't want to stay in the canter going right, but that's ok! It'll be a while before we canter anyway!
The lunge went similar to yesterday/last night. Pretty much the same. Same length, same switching directions a lot, just added the saddle.
When I hosed him off, I had to throw a cooler on his back because the steam was just rolling off him! Poor boy! Again, amazing the difference from 7pm to 6am, just amazing. I think I'll try to keep his workouts in the AM, even if it means a little less sleep for me.

I'm going to attempt to upload some video. Not sure how it's going to work. I will at least get 2 photos up. Sorry for the quality, they are from my ancient iPhone3.

 Casper says - GET IT OFF ME! 



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