Sunday, June 9, 2013

6/9 - day 12 - Ride 2

I headed outside before daybreak. I wanted to get Cas worked and ridden before it got too hot.

He didn't seem like a big fan of the tom thumb bit I had ridden him in Friday, so I broke out his new headstall and reins (both  were 2012 bday gifts from JenJ) and attached his "new" Myler bit to it.  I hoped this would make him happier.

Warm up was the same as usual. Bed and flex on the ground before lunge, lunge, and mount up and ride! His lunge contained a bit more cantering than last time. After his first few minutes of walk right he decided he knew when and where to change direction. He got a quick turn around and with a pop of the lunge stick he took off at a canter around the arena. NO problem big boy, you wanna go? We can go! So, canter he did until I thought he got the point. I had a much more obedient Cas after that.

Still had a couple issues mounting. He skedaddled to the right a few times as I put my foot in the stirrup, but understood that the point was to stand still quicker than Friday morning. Once aboard, he felt a little sticky walking back to the arena. Almost like he was planning a little " I don't think you are confident enough to make me do this" fit. He soon learned that momma WAS going to make him walk and trot around the arena.

We worked on some bend/give saddled and mounted. First attempt found him spinning in a circle. He quickly realized this was just like me being on the ground, stood still and gave very well to both sides. Some directional changes at the walk, and also at the trot. He wasn't sure he had to continue trotting through the changes, but I insisted and he complied.

He did seem happier with his new bit. He was more realized through his neck, and more accepting/giving of contact by bending at the poll.
All in all, Cas had about a 50 minute work out. I'm planning on making his lungs shorter so his ride time can be longer. That's the plan anyway. We will see how things go! Another few weeks of riding at home, and maybe we will be ready to tackle a trail at BRC with JenJ and her Trusty Steed MO!

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